Michigan Tech hosts hundreds during annual alumni reunion

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) – Alumni from as far back as the class of 1957 are gathering at the Michigan tech campus this weekend. It’s time for the annual alumni reunion weekend, a weekend full of tech talks, tours, and even pasties.

“This is just a great weekend having so many people, friends old and new, alumni coming here,” said Terry Woychowski, the Michigan Tech Board of Trustees Chairman. “There’s just an excitement. There’s an energy on campus.”

If there’s one reason the city fills up so much this time of year, it’s the city itself.

“I guess just the area, I love the area,” said Ronald Aubrey, a member of the class of ’57. “The people here have always been friendly, it’s a nice place to mingle.”

Many alumni were quick to note how different campus looks from back when they went to school. Others pointed out how lucky students today are for these updates.

“The thermometer there would show you 40 degrees below zero and now they’ve got these bridges that connect all the buildings pretty much,” said Jack Siggler, a 1973 graduate.

While Michigan Tech is always evolving through the years, things like the Pasty Picnic and the Pep Band always make alumni feel like they’re coming home when they visit.

“There have been some good changes since we’ve been here, but it’s also interesting that a lot doesn’t change and so it really retains the character of the small town that it was,” said Don Leonard, a member of the class of ’77.

Festivities continue this weekend, for a full list of events you can visit Michigan Tech’s website.

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