Mike Riley on what happened with Elijah Blades, Deiontae Watts

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CHICAGO — It’s pretty clear Nebraska coach Mike Riley wanted to set the record straight.

The situations involving 2017 signees Elijah Blades and Deiontae Watts were exactly the same, Riley said Tuesday at Big Ten Media Days.

Both players could not have enrolled with an academic redshirt, he said, contradicting what Blades has said. Blades and sources said he was asked to come to Lincoln as a partial qualifier, and redshirt academically.

Riley said Tuesday that wasn’t an option for Blades or Watts.

“I don’t really know what was said or anything like that. It was the exact situation with Watts,” Riley said.

Riley isn’t a fan of taking a recruit who isn’t fully eligible when they arrive on campus. He mentioned that he doesn’t ever think of steering a guy toward a certain area of study; he thinks of advising a kid to make good decisions.

“I never get into that business of ‘this is where we want you to go,’ ” Riley said. “But that’s going to be for them another personal decision that will be important to them. We can give advice. We do have some thoughts, but that’s as far as I go with it, anyway.”

Basically, it boils down to this for Riley: be eligible, come to campus. If you’re ineligible, his staff will advise you, but it won’t cater to players.

That was exactly what went wrong with Blades and Watts. Riley indicated that Nebraska told Blades (who also said this) that he’d have to do some work to become eligible. Blades told HuskersOnline he thought it’d be easier. And it sounds like Nebraska thought Blades was less of a risk.

Regardless, a lesson learned from the way Riley approaches recruiting: When it comes to academics, Nebraska isn’t very keen on pulling punches.

Jordan Moore

In case you were holding out hope that Nebraska would get both Moore brothers, 4-star safety Jordan Moore is officially done with his recruitment, he announced Tuesday.

Rumors swirled earlier this summer that Jordan and Joshua Moore (Nebraska commit and 4-star wide receiver) were going to be a package deal and end up at Nebraska.

Now, Jordan is officially out. He’s reiterated his commitment to Texas A&M.

Joshua Moore also made sure fans knew he is “1,000 percent” committed to Nebraska.

Joshua Moore has said that he plans on taking all five official visits, and said the “door wasn’t completely shut” in terms of LSU’s recruitment of him. Turns out, he’s solid in his commitment, despite some recent comments.

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