Miley Cyrus Promotes Inclusive ‘Party in the USA For Everyone’ at iHeartRadio Festival: Watch

Miley Cyrus didn’t go down on a knee like a lot of other artists over the weekend, but during her headlining set on day 2 of the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday night (Sept. 23) she debuted her new single “Week Without You” off of her upcoming album Younger Now (out Sept. 29) and switched up one of her biggest hits, “Party in the USA,” to give it a more meaningful spin. Cyrus took a minute and a half to address the crowd from her heart about the song’s renewed focus. 

“Alright, now I got one more song for you guys,” Cyrus began. “And I thought that it would be perfect for tonight, especially right after ‘We Can’t Stop’ because you know what I won’t stop doing? I won’t stop fighting for justice for every single person in this entire fucking place to be who the fuck that you want to be, do what the fuck you wanna do, make yourself happy and be who you are to the fullest.

“Everyone in this country and everyone around the world deserves that same respect and honor to be able to do what they love, love who they love, marry who they love. We shouldn’t be scared of walking down the streets, we shouldn’t be scared of this violence, we shouldn’t be scared of humans against humans, treating animals so poorly, thinking that the world is fucking disposable. It’s not. There’s one — and there’s one of each of you, and you’re all such fucking incredible, uniquely individual motherfuckers. And I hope you never forget how fucking awesome you really are. Never let anybody tell you anything fucking different. And so, for this song, you’re gonna see some words on the screen.

“I’m gonna do ‘Party in the USA,’ but you know what? It’s not a party in the USA if we don’t have all these things that are going to come up on the screen behind us. It’s not a party in the USA if we don’t have equality, unity, justice, compassion, kindness, opportunity, health care, education, nonviolence. So, fuck yeah, it will be a party in the USA. We’ll see it. And if we all come together, we’ll fucking make sure that it is because I’m not giving up. We can’t stop.”

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