Millie Elder-Holmes announces single status via social media


Millie Elder-Holmes shared the news of her break up from Greek boyfriend of more than a year Kostas Saripapas via Snapchat last night.

Millie Elder-Holmes shared the news of her break up from Kostas Saripapas, her Greek boyfriend of more than a year, via Snapchat last night.

In a Snapchat story, Elder-Holmes, 29, said she had been keeping to herself, “focusing on me and doing things alone and just processing everything and thinking about why everything happened. And just trying to deal with it the best that I can.”

On her website, Elder-Holmes says she met Saripapas on the island of Lesvos where her Greek tour operator father, Stratis Kabanas, lives, and she spends her summers.

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“Because Molyvos is a small village of around 1500 people, it’s a very close community, so most of the people in the village know each other, but I used to go and eat at the pizza restaurant that he worked at with my girlfriends, and that’s how I first got to know him.”

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She relocated to Greece in mid-2015 following the death of her partner of seven years, Connor Morris, who was murdered in a street fight.

Posts on her Instagram accounts yesterday also seem to refer to the breakup – her personal account saying: “You were given two legs for a reason, make sure you use them to stand up and walk away from whatever isn’t serving you,” and her Cleaneatsnz account saying, “The key is to not become so numb that you don’t realize when you’ve become uncomfortable, life’s too short to settle”.

Elder-Holmes also said in last night’s Snapchat that she had been spending a lot of time with family and friends, and will be returning to New Zealand for the summer.

“I am just really looking forward to travelling and doing things that inspire me in the next couple months. And I will be coming back to New Zealand also for summer so that will be cool. I’m coming back for like four months or something for the New Zealand summer, so I am really excited for this also.”

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