Nowadays, different products and services are available through mobile apps and web programs. Even recruitment efforts make use of the advantages from these technological innovations. It becomes easy for job seekers to search for job postings with the help of the internet. Search engines and online job portals have made it easier to look for employment opportunities.

Most of the job seekers today are categorized as “millennials”. They are generally described as creative, insightful, and resourceful. Traditional resume template no longer cuts it because mobile apps and web program benefits both recruiters and job seekers.

Websites and mobile applications that act as job portals give seamless features. It benefits both recruiters and jobs eekers to showcase the experience and work samples. Recruitment hubs and people looking for job opportunities also make use of online portfolios and professional social media platforms.

Avoiding recruitment scam
Here are the signs you may look for to check the legitimacy of the recruitment service:

Poor security features
Register an account to useable online job portals only. Any desktop or mobile device is at risk of malware and viruses because of unsecured websites and mobile apps.

Asking for confidential info
People who are offered a job position may be asked to supply their personal information. Recruitment portals requiring to disclose confidential details such as Social Security number, bank account, and routing number can be a bogus. A potential employer doesn’t have to ask for personal financial information.

Poorly written ad
It can be a scam if you notice major grammatical errors on promotional ads or job postings. Poorly written ad has a couple of typos, mixed tenses, and the job description may be hard to understand. The sentences in the posting must be clear and concise.

Recruiters contacting you at odd hours
Recruiters have the right to contact you at a convenient time. However, it is unusual for hiring managers to contact potential employees during wee hours. It can be a fraud job opportunity if you consistently receive emails at 2 a.m. Work emails are typically sent during normal business hours.

Email from non-business address
One of the positive signs of job scam is getting an email from non-business address. It should not be sent using free webmail services like AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or other non-company email address. Review the content of the email before responding.

Fraud recruitment opportunities
Due to the growing number of unemployment, people try their luck and apply for any job postings available. There are many incidents where potential employees become the victims of fraud work opportunities. This type of scam can be disheartening because it may lead to a financial problem and even identity theft.

Recruitment services are now being used by fraudsters as a bait to harass innocent job seekers. Before committing to any employment opportunity, the person must review and check the company background thoroughly to avoid getting deceived. To prevent this scam, look for signs to prove its legitimacy.

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