Money can buy you happiness

Where you’re supposed to know what’s going on in the world I’d like here. Start drinking have. Let’s see if they really do well when you don’t remember anything you have more fit what’s trending with Damien Wagoner and they feel like you’re. What hasn’t been right there on 98 point one JMD’s. Yeah. Number one trending topic and I have no idea what this means. Sizzler seventeen. As the number one trending time making Kansas City right now sounds like. You can I don’t know I have no idea I don’t. Know you click on it like it happened so we can tell people. Hanging out my friends at sizzler seventeenth some kind of a conference. Going. And if anybody knows that would be great it’s going on Kansas City track this. Software. Me. Software are right the largest engagement and user conference. That is the number one trending topic in Kansas City sizzler seventy. Our I feel very cool. Save ACA. Save Affordable Care Act is trending in horse because of the meeting that is happening today. Yeah so it’s nine times on streets other eating lunch. You Republicans aren’t capital and then now about an hour so from now they would do these procedural vote on whether to open debate. On the house health care bill. Okay Cadillac guy yet so that that vote should happen during its. We know Rand Paul as a yes we know Susan Collins is in no we know Jerry marine and is an undecided voters when it comes to the I’d like I have to agree with you if you’re Republicans. Why don’t you vote yes on this just opened up the discussion. That you can always. You still vote nobody gets to it yet decided what you’re content with final votes on the right sock it. Also trending lucky Whitehead is trending Travis wanna come in for this one because he is a former Dallas cowboy so. He was caught allegedly. Shoplifting. Gave out his a Social Security number his. ID he basically just gave everything like Q why did is he gave lucky white heads. Also I as I did identification wow so come to find out that led to a head with the Dallas this whole time. He got but he got cut right in he just got cut in training camp around 2 o’clock yesterday in his agents has paid this was not him he was doused that promises robbery. Well today the police Virginia put out an apology saying they were sorry. We just identified actual real guys this is the case of false identification may end. Now why and now the cal was also made out. A statement saying we have moved past this weird not resigning elect you right in he’s gonna go on some morals but I guarantee you whenever he plays the cowboys whatever team he size up signs on with. He’s going to have great games against the cowboys on who yeah who thought the giants or the Eagles are the skins should sign him immediately. Why would hear about the cardinals. The St. Louis Cardinals yeah. Why ever do we care at the cardinals why is that turning. I don’t know and they’re they’re not great. They’re playing the cubs they’re they’re not having. When they were played the cubs they’re not very good this year. And some people claim it’s because Mike Metheny their manager. Has made has caused this team to quote lose their way. Mean I human lot of these with the records pop and that you’d. You love everything about Saint Louis yet it’s I don’t like fundamental analyze the turning their all aware of 48 and 51. There were other top prospects Alex arias had elbow surgery is on the way. Okay and that thing and yet their four game is that their division. They’re trending here it’s funny the cardinals are trending in Kansas City but the royals are not. After the big trade added yesterday. Let’s see Michael courses trending big fashion. Designer. And story we’ve got stores this year buys Jimmie which are known for really expensive shoes one point two billion dollars to buy Jimmy Choo shoes. Wow there’s a shoes they are there I mean my way out of my price way way way out when Avery regularly before. 500 dollars mean about knocking out and a mob Gary Kubiak is trending he’s. Been rehired by the Denver Broncos as personal staffing assistant to personal staff assistants. Under general manager and team president. John Elway he was former coach at some health issues but he’s now back in the organization. Jim Harbaugh is trending east head coach of Michigan said that the quarterback job is still up for grabs as they get ready to open up fall camp and Ann Arbor. Paul metaphor stranding in Russia related. The record it’s in the moments. What are but you either bring about the tender story of the two people who never met but kept the tender. A conversation going for three years while their action on Good Morning America meeting for the first time. And really Tinder actually bought them tickets to Hawaii for the very first day. Because they says hey we’re tired of you guys not beating each other but you got department of social media. What can we do to help in the and the guy goes and says take your place and will pay for it. You guys and he says it will Mallon will be a perfect birthday is far. You got it VM must we had tickets ready. So at least you need to get there ha. How does a lot pomposity wanted to quality major one is also mean if our wall. Occasions later anyway. They go yeah. State these have the story house and with these two getting married because the habits that O’Malley and they hate each other. You know that’s not I want to let us at a at a thing even and they go back to how we get married and sender pays for the Latin. Investigate step at a becomes air romantic comedy star game marries the Weathers and Matthew McConaughey hey Basil has to be. Got us our rights that’s what’s trending in Kansas City right now sooners out about we always your money can’t make you happier there’s about the one. Time where it again and this is going to justify. Me keeping cleaning. I think I’ll realize yeah. Because I tend air on the more frugal side again very expensive travel habit and that means that you got to cut costs somewhere. But there is an argument to be made some times about what you our time is war so well we’ll ask you coming up those luxury things that you spend money because it saves you time and LT it could be worth. We’ll do that coming up next ready or midday with Jamie reckon a 91 KG MB easy. Anyone JMB easy meeting with Jamie wicket Jamie money selling Michael kids. Coming up a local senator wants to know what happened to 28 million dollars. It’s pretty big. Amount of money to replace her. Go missing or spread inappropriately surely lose yikes get to that but we’re asking you about your money right now and there’s a story about about buying time and if buying time to make you happier. What you pay for that saves you time. So this idea of time vs money and isn’t worth that for you to outsource some things that you don’t like to do any way to take you time given up to those things and that it might be. A little bit of financial stress. But if it saves you time and you can spend that time enjoying your wife more ultimately is that worth that and yes that is in fact what they found. There was the author of the study who said she’s become obsessed with peoples decisions. Other weather place more value in time or money she says we waited to all the time. To buy tickets hold Richard it’ll save me time to cost me money where should I if I live far from work I’ll save money. But take more time to me so they did a survey of 6000 people in four countries. The survey asked people whether they regularly pay someone else to complete unpleasant daily tasks. And raided their satisfaction with life and ultimately across the board regardless. Of marital status life experience for the kids or not or or whatever you do it across the board. They did fine in fact that working adults in the United States reported higher life satisfaction. If they regularly paid someone paid to outsource household tasks like cooking shopping and general maintenance Soes are those that you guys. Outsourcing and Tom how are we haven’t done that cleaning lady Lionel but I think we’re gonna pick that back up a bowl. But we will ready for an invitation last I clean most of them pretty much the entire house the entire apartment but. It was annoying and it took two days so I don’t writes I don’t like doing it by. I think we’ll get back to the cleaning lady. If I had a yard. I can you see me doing yard work noodle I would probably pay for someone acted to be night. It’ll might my lawn at a kid ten bucks an hour whatever they rang my grass does its chief. Yeah I think those are some of the things because I I just would not won a dual. Personally. Somebody just texted and sad we just hired someone to come clean our house twice a month and it’s already worth that after three leanings so much less stress our whole family it’s great yes so. My best friend Nolan why was supposed to come to town this weekend our enemy out of town but it’s just to come here and it’s it’s one of those things where. Some only comes to your house once every five years you clean and what you never clean share. I just wanted to let you know Jane I just excited that alone and I’m you know I’m. I’m cleaned in I mean it’s a matter dusting in disturbance and stuff like that. And so but I did that this isn’t like it’s gonna cost me I don’t know 57 by blacks. To have someone come into form. I thought law to deal with it and I can take three hours on a Saturday morning have a lot of energy or went to high died. Electors or reason I can’t it wouldn’t take me that long I do all the time. But it heatedly the deep cleaned it needed to stop the cobwebs and stuff and as a global words yeah absolutely bored this cabinet. Doors is like that and so I said what I’m just gonna have some deals doing it. It turns out he’s not coming here were meeting somewhere else there was no reason to get this done. I’m so happy I did it anyway rights because it was just so nice especially so hi I am it’s been a busy week instead it was so nice to have dine. And now I’m kind of Alec I wanted to aura now you’re addicted to now. Month maybe. Good for it but that time vs money that’s I can take 3 hours on Saturday morning and do it. Or I can enjoy more of my weekend. And have someone else to. I think he made the right choice act and you definitely the right choice on and so I talked about here is cooking and shopping. Which account things like blue apron as a part of this where at least you’re not having to spend the time grocery shopping someone else is doing a meal planning for you maybe. I mean that’s partially why people do it’s it date they are wishing you good stuff it’s new it’s fresh it’s different amounts are there you don’t have to go to the store no thinking involved all planned Korea I’d say that’s part of it some of those those places like blue apron. Also Austin. Or anything like that. I Travis don’t you work for Dana right ranks and that your job didn’t talk about wanting that. As somebody’s help keep organized. I quit well okay now element was in pain in the first — was worth currently working pay any things exactly right and I can definitely understand that and some texted for two seasons I have my yard it was great but I decided I’d rather go on a second vacation. What are you pay like that I don’t have to guard plane down out of the yard person you were like the army arrest by person yeah. Act text what did you pay. And in Dallas 5767798. Of buying time can really make you happier like you look at you glow talk about your clean apart I just didn’t. For three hours on a Saturday morning it was more fun to go enjoyed my weekends on but people texting and 2290. I’ll take the nice car in the big house and clean myself sure I’d that’s a decision I make a lot you believe me it’s so make him travel. About. Do you pay more to be closer to the stuff. Or do you save yourself a lot of money sacrifice location about it but it’s gonna take more time to get to where you wanna go. Right. Summit energy in those kinds of decisions 5767798. But about cleaning your own pool. What about do cleaning your yard. On your car there are people that will send their laundry out yes there are people because they don’t wanna have to deal with doing laundry and she especially those of you that iron. I couldn’t last iron. That iron and just while stuff pressed right eye ear and. Probably when it was an old in a wedding in March. The last time is look if you have a a really wreak leisure put it on. In this humidity and go outside it will last five minutes it will be totally pressed anybody else getting meal delivery services. Because that part of the design of stuff like that another like to go in yours aren’t the mom so they come prepared meals console to do it he’d mop the microwave. I know several people that do that because they either don’t like to cut or they’re too busy and don’t wanna take that time they’d rather enjoyed her time or they were at work more make more money. I think that’s. Delivery service and everything in post mates have you ever used post mates I know I was amazed at basically if you. Pull up the post mates that we’ve used it for food in. My friends were inebriated once wanted ping pong balls played beer pong so they literally. The seven to few weeks ago they literally use post mates pull up the app tell what you want. And they had ping pong balls delivered to the pool isn’t so they can play beer it literally they probably have picked up a case of beer tale. This is why some people pay travel agents by the way because I thought my people don’t want to do the planning their time as I happen to love every minute plan but that’s why some people pay travel agents that rather pay those fees. Because they don’t wanna have to do the research I would rather have a travel agent tell me what is because you’re still like to me maybe it’s a little bit more but when you go to orbits are either a kayak or whatever. You’re still paying their fee. You’re just paying for flight using look at three the you’re still paying the if you do kayak or whatever you still are paying a fee look. Don’t go through travels go through the air and the venue but the point the point I’m making there is. You have to go check delta have to go check. Southwest and you have to go check united and you have to go check America and if to go check all of those that’s the point of the travel service what lake like kayak. What I would do what I do accuse like that is I start with a kayak or Google flights or Expedia as somebody who just of this exhaustively and alas we can happen. And then go to the actual sites or call to find out at me man I. We arrangement I love all of that job you’re my travel agent you can pay me a rally and I cannot handle all of Africa yeah. And I did not because I’d have to hear about it. You have to got Alley out so if it didn’t go we have an on air critique capsule so there’s a better job that I am radio five star. Three star. It already doesn’t it. Actually travel agent does an analyst who traveled you might try always seven hours a day which you your travel agent doesn’t you know I treat you that abuse in Vegas again. Who argue that there is planned several vacations and you need to deal. If it’s 1229 Kevin up. Claire McCaskill in the news she wants to know how we miss spent 28 million dollars on clothing. How’d this happen and I’ll explain coming up next midday with Jimmy wicket. Or DR 91 TMB easy some folks have spent more than two days in the dark and with no AC. It’s 1229 news 91 came BC any one KM BZ media with Jamie wicket. 1234. That this story is interesting year to meet Jamie because it’s bipartisan what bleep. And if we just good to see okay. The Pentagon. Now of course we’re keeping an I was going on with the health care vote today and it’s not to repeal and replace its open up conversations about repealing and replacing. This seems to be the last ditch effort but I think we said that last week but. You know thinking get everybody to get on the same page that’s a Republican to at least have discussions. Then we’re a week ago. More news out of DC this has to do with. Missouri senator Claire McCaskill. The Pentagon will be called to account on Capitol Hill this week for its pricey plane an outfit Afghan soldiers in uniforms. With the private label forest camouflage scheme in Bob dubious value in the desert country. The thing is. Is. This cost about twenty million bucks for us right Ted to help out the Afghan forces. And you would put this camouflage on. To not be seen. Right sure seems important. When I say eight forest camouflage scheme in the Afghan. How how well do you think forest green keeps you camouflage. When there’s no four when there’s no floor. When there’s 2% of the entire terrain is trees. Dat. Doesn’t it seem insane it seems like somebody checked the wrong box it like it was supposed to be he doesn’t. Instead of forest green senator Claire McCaskill the Democrat out of Missouri fired off a letter last Friday the Pentagon about the report from the special inspector for Afghanistan reconstruction. It found that the military may have squandered 28 billion dollars by purchasing the uniforms. For the Afghan army without testing their effectiveness uniform he’s prepared forced pattern mentioned. 2%. Of the country’s terrain. Doesn’t this just. I mean if you’re as a matter agreement of senator McCaskill by the ways ranking Democrat. The Homeland Security government affairs committee column padding on to explain why this is some of that wasted money that we all get. So happened here was this jet was just genuinely just a mistake where somebody. I don’t know do you not realize that Saudi Arabia is the desert and there’s no forest there or did literally somebody checked Iran box on scan Tron or something. Or it was this. We gave the contracts. To a company that we wanted to get some business to went and thought we just eat out nobody out. As senator McCaskill responded exactly side rentals this is a contracting decision that make you smack your head in frustration. It’s a prime example wasting hard earned tax Payer dollars and we’ve got to get to the bottom of how this happened. SA GA are achieved John sop cult also testified to for the house committee. On armed services did you discuss the findings of the report. The DOD failed to do is do Jill due diligence in purchasing uniforms that use the expensive provide proprietary. Camouflage pattern did not. Demonstrate the effectiveness of this pattern it’s just there really isn’t anybody who can sit here and say yeah this is a Smart move this was a really good move whatsoever. That did the DOD didn’t do their job here in lake you’re right are you. You know when your when you by teachers he bought a T shirt off of Amazon or war and you know it just says what average says I love America and yet to check red. White men or bullet. I don’t happen a look at him lights okay times and I would rather have it. Sometimes you accidentally checked the white and the white shirt shows up like. I’m staying and that you reached by the way its money back for you get the register I don’t think you can return 28 million dollars worth of Campo. Can you not I don’t know can’t use somewhere else can’t they sell it and they resell at the very. I know you know audience I don’t know and asking the year and I’m asking the world right boost sales a year to the company deliver the wrong thing like to re order the right thing and the company. Delivered the wrong thing is that company it was just 19 million dollars or was this on our. This was on our and it looks like according to a a report the Department of Defense. Didn’t do its due to due diligence so this is on us this is this a lot of us are here. And it can cost anywhere between 26 and a half and twenty half million dollars let’s just call it twenty could somewhere in the middle. The Pentagon could saved by the way between 6871. Million over the next ten years pleasing patterns and uniforms the US already owns. So we had to pay basically for this new design eagle on the camel the cost is twenty million bucks to send over there as we try to rebuild the Middle East. And we’ve completely blow it quick else. Let’s get fired at us sit. Or at least investigated and some kind of penalty special counsel should be named. To investigate those I think probably waste in the military. And that’s. But then again we have money to waste in the military don’t we all deserve more money into it we really yes were up but yeah. So there are others twenty million bucks wasted and senator McCaskill is at the in the forefront of all of this trying to find out why in the world we spent so much money. And like it people are texting and saying all the fact all the fighting is in the mountain regions and they are way more trees than you think 2%. 2% of the entire terrain you’re right that’s more that I got 2% I think it’s not resign as more than I thought. By. They can get a little bit of green cam now for when we’re gonna fight there right trees and get the desert brown for when they’re in the desert. Yeah you know spend twenty million dollars for 2% you spend some of the majority of the 98%. And in. That you’re going to be the going to be fighting for. Mention OJ Simpson’s bronco earlier today. And you may remain a member of the white bronco chase depending on how old you are but the bronco. He could be one man’s golden ticket as Fox News reports what do you think the Kelly blue book value. Of a 1995. White Ford Bronco and look when I did it. I loaded it up and gave it to CD play our own OJ noted wheel drive like I’ve made eight I made it this souped up version. With an excellent condition. You try rob nice idea so now where that. It’s an even to 22 years later thank you 22 years later and it is Ers special box and Kelley blue book. For me and does well in card chases or once owned by famous football player later imprisoned driven by alleged murderer. We know how it handles really why your being chased by pulling or at least its way he did it did. It’s worth according to Kelley blue book and I give a high valuable possible 4855. Bucks. Twenty years later 4855. Blocks that souped up this isn’t uses heat player anymore. In his cool the other CD player your car. I think so but Mike. I think of it all the nine I’m an online contest each isn’t that old by now but I couldn’t tell you when I used announcement when he but I but I think it exists the area. Mike Gilbert who owns it he owns the white bronco today he bought it from AC. He bought it from Al Cowlings and wants to sell it and coming up next I’ll tell you the number he wants to sell it for flick take it guests. On the tax are right 22980. It’s worth less than five grant. Take your guesstimate she wants to sell a war and I’ll tell anybody coming up. Duplicate it it would you bought it. You got an inheritance you know month from a dead uncle or something and use money to blow so why not this equaled out to would without. I’ve been down the I’ve five right drive we’d had a lot of traffic. Are are you. Tell you what the number is coming up next. The day with Jamie where can I 91 K abusing anyone KM BZ Medina damion wicket Jamie not selling my quick hits. Don’t forget to be out about in the month of August will remind you is we get closer to these but I can and about August the fourth Jamie were gonna be out in downtown Overland Park. From ten until two at the new brew. I’m super excited I didn’t a couple of times it is of the grand opening last weekend and so this where if you ever wanted to brew beer and you don’t wanna spend them on the equipment can be kind of expensive and it takes up space you have to have all that knowledge which I have just enough interest and beer to wanna do it but not enough to invest all that money and it seemed to burlap and they have the equipment Aaron I have everything you need. And it got the recipes and persistent. There’s also and they’ve got a full bar they’ve got a really great in venue in the in this tiny space elsewhere in downtown. Angel is coming out for the only five and it will be really fun and that’s on Friday it’ll be really fun. Soviet jets stuff out that day make sure you do that’s August 4 August 17 you may have heard some of the commercials running for it is. The annual KM BZ Salvation Army radio Thon and instead of being downstairs. In the hidden room in the building it to be idle park. Would be fine and it’s it’s not often that we get every show out a lot of times it’s its morning show us the afternoon show but because the Oak Park mall’s open later on we’re gonna be other black oxygen on the weird it’s a complaint to. But we’re gonna veto park mall from what I understand. Or to be pretty centrally located. Perhaps near rice and that’s. These point and a. It’ll be August 17 so pleased when that day comes around please please as you’ve done every single year open up those wallets and then. And everybody in the areas getting jacked up for the solar eclipse day August 21 we’re going to be 54 street grill. In the heart of the beast in the center of it all we’re going to be in saint gel. It’s a cool about the solar eclipses that it hit its high point between 11 AM and two. Also. If you Google kind of the the path of where you’re gonna have the best view it really is this cross section. Crossing diagonally across the United States that hits between Kansas audience age out. That’s why Saito is your people talking about that’s going to be hot spot because for us that’s a really close place to go yeah. So there let’s thought there were gonna leave in about five in a more intensity that not because we don’t know it’s going to be us and hundreds of thousands of people on the road trip because it’s not like they’re a lot of hotels and saint. So world and that morning I mean really five or 6 AM just to go and our answer seems puzzling it seems ridiculous but it seems about right and then to earn exe spotlight comes up from grand view on Friday September 8 as well we’re back to doing now so ultimately southbound says it’ll odds are going to be a fun month from an out. We’re mentioning this before the break OJ Simpson’s white bronco. Member of the famous chase back in 199495. Whatever was. It’s they could be up for sale now a guy who owns it. Is Mike Gilbert he used to be OJ’s sports Egypt he bought it from AC Al Cowlings he was the driver the owner of the ride. Any is no emotional connection to the bronco and just kind of bought it. I don’t know what he paid Ford backed and that’s what I wanna know what any pay for it helped a good question it’s not in the Fox News story but it’s a good question it’s worth today. 4855. Bucks if it’s a top of the line 95 bronco it is worth less than 5000 dollars. This guy is agent. Received a 1250000. Dollar. Offer to buy it. He turned it down he said no to any quarter million dollar to buy OJ’s bronco. He wants at least and I’m reading from Fox News. The report says he is looking to get at least 750000. Dollars. Thanks to OJ returning to the news after his parole green last week. So yes we know that Al Cowlings. Owned bronco and what you associate it with OJ sense absolutely you are buying it is not because Al Cowlings and make your buying it because of the chase because it’s. It’s famous figure buying it because of OJ Simpson. So. It’s some you know life. Somebody. You would that I don’t maybe give a classic car collection to collect famous cars. Asked what short collection of that the bronco offense and put a. Famous cars used to chase or they’re a lot of let me ask this text into 2900 which famous car would you one. Options are right. Herbie the love Bob thank the bat mobile. All right fictional vehicles in the real one. Car I want the right to kick are used to not right he wants a fictional car out of the car is real but it was it fictional TV show out of all the cars in TV and movies at the when he won I want to kick out because I was obsessed with not writers can’t hear a text into tuna user which one would you want. Now you can say you want OJ’s bronco is not allowed to trails with that would link there is for. That car that can protect our us. Talk to you it will dry for you. I think is doesn’t apply you watched Knight Rider and remember voice of William Zach as last and I can picture the act of music elsewhere who did the voice of it anyway. Is Disneyland or Disney World is re gusty. Adding that there there were several of the William Daniels thank you every it was Obama on every year to do. Yet that was I was just at the age Knight Rider was a big deal. They bring it to comic con a lady out of Dallas actually own book take this I would assume that most of the people goal and a comic con. In part a little bit too young for kick cup for the kid who watched Knight Rider so I’m just old enough. I mean I was I was Ari meant what it but I watch so so late thirties you’d have to be at least in order to come at a campground every restaurant Esther yeah it’s very true right Texan which car you want. For movies and TV about this one the Delorean from back to the future I could go back in time or I could go to the future. That to me one I would once again fictional but the odds are I’m I’m I’m in the we got a kick card that talks to you would dry for you handle or does it. Turns against. Evil I don’t. If you just a couple of its your your your record does it feel like miles. Up I. Listeners or can’t remember it it got to even the color normally stocked with red lights. But when he got evil he talked to yell all new. Watch tonight writer now I’ll have to happen is when you go back somebody sender a beta Max collection of and I writer Jack says she can watch at all yes it’s. Art it seeks uniting zero calories if you Bonnie and Clyde car look at that school and any James Bond car the original the Aston Martin from gold fingers a bad NASCAR. Generally. Oh from Duke’s from disaster as a that’s a really common suggests OK and her eye that one. Some said the car that JFK was killed and. That’s historically. That’s historical. That’s neat. Is that creepy yeah is that. Is that weird yeah it’s a currency gaps where. May be turned history and you really loved watching the JFK in the supporter films and all that mean you and BC history we used to have a reporter here who lives. I think it’s OK to say obsessed with JFK’s stock that might be somebody that might be something Hewitt he would collapse but it really want Actel one from the ghostbusters. That does confess that looks like our purse they turned into their. They’re get up or Kirk they’re getaway car whatever several vehicles at the original transient whose McKee in the band okay. All right that that’s a really popular cancer can I have the Pope mobile. Wanted to pull kids driven around in with a glass in case rocked over the top. Many helpless unease at I can help the eighteen ban and yeah that’s that’s a really got one. Aren’t seen. OK now every see every reminding you all the details but you look at it was named car KE RR us. The sign I think I’d that’s a crack at it. Hazards coming in the Corvette route 66. Well I tracked what was. The the van in Scooby Doo. On. Is now on the news this is really easy I’d take the mystery machine power forward note. Travis a magic you me and rod. On the road trip in the mystery machine over shag balls they jag yet the cart do to put him in there isn’t there a zone again Tuesday. I don’t mobile. From want to use the factory remember I haven’t seen any of them. Some reason I am ET kinda young and it’s really it’s of this thing I’m the one we. To get a day it is very culturally connected as the TV pop culture yes but still there’s a yeah a couple of big thing there is a gap. It’s definitely a gap in my life by the way Jamie to us take away from the conversation actually. Tried dumb. John does open John what was the brio which are taco John’s taco John’s Cali got the title love though did it change your life. They relievers neutralize they were good they are really. Had to eat breakfast and their breakfast burrito was actually pretty are they don’t really Italy’s don’t really belong at a Tex mex place like or don’t talk about marriage. It’s. Everything’s on the menu of Foley’s isn’t how the burrito it’s inside their right if prob be in their drink of picketed at that. I. Pop pop pop pop up. Yeah there it we’ll keep coveted. Adams split family were on track. Or the monsters car the closest car hearse I remember correctly wasn’t I think that’s right yeah and so. Mobile absolute the bat mobile all like this when the dog wash banned from dumb and dumber her but cuts death which. Wow. Good yeah I’m sorry. Coveted text and into 2900 Sosa school districts are going to be taking a special step in honor of this monumental. Momentous occasion on the solar eclipse awards are doing and see if you think schools your should do the same.

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