Moore to ride on with €600k in pension pot

New accounts show that the 72-year-old singer was busy planning for his eventual retirement from a life of recording and touring after putting €600,000 into the directors’ pension pot at his entertainment company last year. However, a look at his upcoming touring schedule shows that retirement is not going to happen anytime soon.

The contribution to the pension pot contributed to accumulated profits at Moore’s Yellow Furze Ltd in the 12 months to the end of March this year declining from €1.24m to €901,144.

The pension payout also hit the firm’s cash pile, falling from €853,998 to €542,932. The principal activity of the company is the sale of music performances and recordings by Mr Moore.

The performance of the company was last year boosted by the release of his studio album ‘Lily’ and a heavy touring schedule.

Mr Moore is perhaps best known for ‘Ride On’ and ‘I’m An Ordinary Man’. Pay to directors at the firm last year fell marginally from €144,591 to €141,806.

Mr Moore was a founding member of Moving Hearts and Planxty. More than 50 years after going on the road, the folk singer’s concerts in Ireland and the UK are still sell-outs.

His next Irish gig is due to be held at Enfield, Co Meath, on September 1.

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