Mrs May must urgently address the exodus of UK citizens or risk undermining Brexit’s potential

Brexit is an enormous opportunity for delivering real change – and an equally daunting challenge. Immigration is an excellent example. Most attention has focused on what migration controls will be in place, such as during the UK’s widely expected transitional period.

Discussion has centred on foreign student numbers, the rights of EU nationals here and a reciprocal deal for British citizens abroad. However, there are increasingly concerning problems arising now that have gone unnoticed that must be addressed urgently.

While the Prime Minister will welcome the continuing fall in net migration to 246,000 from over 327,000 a year ago, this is not a policy triumph. What’s driving down numbers is not her government’s immigration rules, but the unnecessary uncertainty about what kind of Brexit will happen – and May cannot be complacent about it.

Some uncertainty about a final deal will remain until…

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