#MugabeChallenge: Social media users reacts, imitate Mugabe as he stumbles at UN

Mugabe a the UN
  • Social media users are imitating Robert Mugabe after he stumbled at the UN
  • Mugabe had to hold onto a chair as he made his way
  • The 93 year old leader stumbled at the United Nations as he went to make an address

Ask anyone in Kenya about anything they know about Zimbabwe and the first thing they are most likely to tell you is President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

The Zimbabwean revolutionary leader has been in power since 1987 quite a major feat and a major surprise fact for the google generation.

It is no wonder that when the 93 year old leader stumbled at the United Nations General Assembly on 21 September 2017 that social media went berserk.

Kenyans and other social media users took to the web to imitate Mugabe as he made his way to address the assembly.

Those who could not imitate however expressed their opinion of the ageing leader taking his responsibilities in stride at the UN.

Mugabe a teacher by profession was born 21 February 1924. After his guerrilla war when it Zimbabwe was then known as Rhodesia he ascended to the presidency and has been ruling ever since.

Here are some of the imitations of Mugabe at the UN.



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