announces new procedures to tackle discriminatory property advertisements

The property website has developed methods to identify, monitor and block discriminatory advertising on its website. 

A two tiered system for checking advertisements published on the site has been created; both manual and auto check system.

The auto-check system will specifically filter “trigger” words and phrases that could be in contravention of equality legislation. 

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) had previously engaged with and have welcomed the initiative.

Throughout 2016 IHREC engaged in an information campaign advising the public and property suppliers of the change in the law and providing detailed information on the housing assistance ground.

According to Managing Director Angela Keegan, is adopting a proactive approach to the new legislation, and is looking forward to working with the IHREC to ensure these type of ads did not appear on the site. has also put in place investigation, reporting and take-down procedures where discriminatory ads are identified, both pre and post-publication.

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