Nebraska listed as nation’s ‘most miserable’ program by USA Today following NIU loss

Nebraska wasn’t the only program to have a bad loss on Saturday. But no program in the country is more miserable after Week 3 of the 2017 season than the Huskers, according to USA Today.

Following an embarrassing home loss to Northern Illinois, Nebraska topped USA Today’s “Misery Index” which was released on Sunday. Dan Wolken ranked the country’s five “most miserable” teams, and the Huskers were No. 1 ahead of LSU, Tennessee, Missouri and Kansas.

“Nobody in Nebraska believes they’re going to return to the 1980s or early 1990s,” Wolken writes. “But is being as good as Wisconsin really too much to ask? The idea that Nebraska can’t win a national title is ridiculous. Obviously, it would take the right coach with the right philosophy and some luck in recruiting. But can it happen? Of course it can. If Wisconsin can put itself on the periphery of the playoff discussion every year, there’s no reason why Nebraska can’t be as good or better. But Pelini couldn’t do it, and now it appears increasingly unlikely Riley will be able to either.”

Nebraska — now 1-2 in 2017 and 16-13 under Mike Riley — hosts Rutgers next week to start Big Ten play. Maybe the Scarlet Knights can help cure some of the misery.


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