New cover of French magazine Charlie Hebdo mocks Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey flooding

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo appeared to make fun of those impacted by the devastating flooding in southeastern Texas on its latest cover, painting Texans as neo-Nazis.

The cover of the weekly magazine reads “God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas” and shows an image of swastika flags and arms giving the Nazi salute submerged in water, with rain falling from the sky.

The Charlie Hebdo cover comes as rescue and recovery efforts continue throughout parts of southeastern Texas. Hurricane Harvey made landfall there Friday and brought record-setting rainfall, which left thousands of people displaced as floodwaters rose throughout the week.

It’s the second time Texans affected by the floods have been mocked for their political beliefs in as many days.

On Wednesday, Politico published a political cartoon poking fun at Texas secessionists who don’t believe in the federal government being saved by the Coast Guard from Harvey’s floods.

Federal officials said more than 30,000 people have evacuated to shelters, and there have been at least 38 storm-related deaths, according to the New York Times.

The new cover of Charlie Hebdo was quickly criticized on social media, including by former Rep. Joe Walsh, R-Ill.

“French rag Charlie Hebdo mocks Harvey victims as Neo Nazis. Charlie Hebdo makes fun of everyone but Muslims. Cowards,” Walsh tweeted Thursday.

Walsh seemed to forget that the magazine was the target of a terror attack in January 2015 after it caricatured the Prophet Muhammad in several cartoons. Twelve people were killed in the attack.

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