New gas tax might help for work at Interstate 680/Highway 4

Q: Hey, will the new gas tax finally get the next phase of Interstate 680/Highway 4 interchange finally going? That stretch of Highway 4 is like a clogged drain that’s been unfixed in a house for decades. Dangerous too, as I know you’re aware.

David Ambramsky

Q: Has parking improved at BART’s Fremont Station since the Warm Springs/South Fremont Station opened?

Saleh Admas

A: My Facebook followers say yes. Where once almost all spots filled up by 6:30 a.m., it can be as late as 8:30 a.m. before all 2,000 parking spaces at Warm Springs are gone. There are 1,253 daily fee parking stalls at Fremont. After the Warm Springs Station opened, parking in the daily fee area at Fremont dropped to about 900 per day. It has since rebounded to about 1,100 a day.
When the Milpitas station opens, there will be a garage for 1,200 cars and room for an additional 435 in a street-level lot. The Berryessa station garage will be able to handle 1,150 spaces plus an additional 328 in an adjacent lot.

Q: I have experienced the nightmare of using Highway 37. My wife works in Marin and travels Highway 37 weekly. Do you think I get an earful every day when she gets home? My recommendation: Pontooning the entire stretch. What do you think?

Jon Lamet

A: I would not feel comfortable driving a road where I might need a life jacket. It’s a desperate idea, but these are desperate times. Unless there is new funding to raise $4 billion for a toll road, this horrible highway might not be upgraded until 2088. Yep, 71 years from now.

And consoling your wife by letting her vent is an important job.

Q: When my husband started to gray at the temples, he went in to renew his license. The clerk who was male and under 30 looked at him and said “your hair is NOT brown, it’s gray” which started a 30 second “no it’s not; yes, it is” exchange.

When the new license came his hair was officially dubbed “gray” which irritated him endlessly. He did not take his ‘new gray license’ with him when we traveled and he nearly got stuck in the Albany, N.Y., airport because his ID was expired by 21 days.

Moira Fry
San Leandro

A: You don’t mess with air traffic screeners.

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