New Jersey Devils Shouldn’t Trade For Boston Bruins’ David Pastrnak

A new rumor claims that Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak could be available in trade. Despite the mass impact he could have on the New Jersey Devils, the team should pass on the opportunity.

August has been an extremely quiet month for the NHL. Not much has happened in terms of major news, but one rumor could change that. Brian Lawton with NHL Network says that Boston Bruins forward could be available in trade because of a major contract dispute.

Of course, the rumor loses a little bit of credibility since the start of the rumor spelt Patrknak’s name wrong, but there still might be some validity despite the mistake.

Obviously, the New Jersey Devils are a team that has certain resources to make a trade happen.

For one, the Devils have a ton of cap space. The team has $18 million in room right now, with only Damon Severson left to sign. The team also has assets the Bruins could want. The team all of a sudden has a plethora of young forwards, especially centers, the team could make available in trade for the right player.

Despite those facts, the Devils aren’t in a place to make this move.

For one, trading assets that could one day turn into a real position of need could hurt the team in the immediate future. Trading for Pastrnak would cost some combination of Adam Henrique, Pavel Zacha, Michael McLeod or more. To lose those players without upgrading the team’s defense arguably keeps them in the same place they are now.

Pastrnak also wants a huge contract. Rumor has it he wants an eight-year deal. For the right price, that isn’t a huge problem. He’s just 21 years old, and scored 34 goals in his past season. He was the cornerstone of the Bruins offense that helped them avoid a playoff-less season. Pastrnak deserves to get paid for his services, but how much is too much?

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To speculate on what the player wants is just that, speculation. The process, however, is scary. It seems like if Pastrnak wanted around $6 million per season, then this deal would be done. If Pastrnak thinks a long-term deal deserves around $8 million per season, that could hurt the Devils in the future, especially if this season was a flash in the plan.

If the Devils do make a trade with the Bruins, it will undoubtedly make the team one of the scariest offenses in the Metropolitan Division, and that’s saying something. He would be an obvious upgrade to the team. The cost would be too great when the defense is in its current condition. Losing games 5-4 is still losing. The Devils have work to do, but the work on offense is already done. The forward group as currently constructed could be very good. The defense on the other hand is not. The Devils need to keep both its best assets, cap space and prospect depth, in order to upgrade the blue line. David Pastrnak doesn’t do that. He would be great in New Jersey, but he isn’t the answer. That would make the price too high.

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