New Jurong West hawker centre to feature ‘smart’ tech when it opens in Oct, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – A new two-storey hawker centre and market in Jurong West Street 61 will open in October, and will come with several smart technology features.

For instance, the hawker centre will have three smart tray-return machines that can move autonomously around seats and tables, and to the centralised dishwashing area, after collecting used trays from patrons, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Monday (July 24).

It will also have self-payment kiosks, which will accept cash and cashless payments.

It will also have 34 cooked food stalls, 14 market stalls and about 500 seats.

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NEA said Hawker Management is the managing agent for the hawker centre and market, which will be run on a not-for-profit basis. Hawker Management is a subsidiary of Koufu.

Among the requirements for the hawker centre are that each cooked food stall must sell two “basic meals” at $2.80 each or less, and provide at least two healthier food choices.

Under a Happy Hawkerpreneur Programme, between six and 10 cooked food stalls at the hawker centre will be set aside as incubator stalls to groom aspiring hawkers.

Aspiring hawkers will go through a year of hands-on training, and Hawker Management will later allocate to them stalls in the hawker centre, or place them in an outlet in the Koufu network.

The hawkers might also get the chance to operate stalls that are franchises of heritage brands and recipes.

Rental subsidies will be provided by Hawker Management on a case-by-case basis, either to applicants who are applying to operate cooked food stalls that seek to “preserve Singapore’s heritage food” or to underprivileged applicants, NEA said in a statement.

Hawker Management also plans to organise activities such as music performances and cooking competitions at the hawker centre.

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