NextGen Announces Personalized Dashboard To Track Investment Crowdfunding Campaigns

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NextGen Crowdfunding® – the leading company that helps people explore
investment crowdfunding – announces the official launch of its
Personalized Crowdfunding Dashboard.

The new online resource includes active Title III investment crowdfunding offerings from
more than 20 existing crowdfunding platforms. Visitors are able to
customize the Reg CF deals they want to follow and learn more about.

The NextGen Personalized Dashboard enables potential investors to:

  • Discover investment opportunities: Search by industry, view
    recent campaigns or filter by campaigns that are close to reaching
    their funding goal or expiration date.
  • Track investments: A detailed display of data for campaigns
    each visitor follows includes investor commitments for each campaign,
    a breakdown of investments by industry and more.
  • View real time investments: In a live Crowdfunding Ticker,
    visitors can see daily investments in the campaigns they follow.

“NextGen’s mission is to ensure both new and experienced investors have
the right resources to find investment crowdfunding opportunities,” said
NextGen Crowdfunding Founder & CEO Aubrey Chernick. “Our new
Personalized Crowdfunding Dashboard allows people to explore this
exciting marketplace, and customize their experience when it comes to
tracking data.”

NextGen is known as a leading resource for information and data on the
equity crowdfunding industry with detailed statistics on investments
made in Title III since the equity crowdfunding rules launched in 2016.
The company also hosts online and in-person events for both
entrepreneurs and potential investors to learn about equity crowdfunding.


NextGen Crowdfunding helps people explore the new era of investment
crowdfunding. With unique in-person events and live streaming video
content, NextGen enables individuals to discover, research and support
specific companies launching crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen’s unique
Ignition Events showcase the companies and emerging businesses
presenting equity crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen also provides
educational content, including online webinars, boot camps and videos,
to inform the public about equity crowdfunding. NextGen also provides
education to, and visibility for, companies with crowdfunding campaigns.
As a purpose-driven company, NextGen aims to encourage entrepreneurship
and help spark a new economy. Visit

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