Nigel Farage Claims He Has Proof Britain Has No EU Obligations After 2020

20 July 2017, 20:07

Nigel Farage Cites Article 50 To Prove A Point On EU Obligations


Nigel Farage cited a snippet from an Article 50 briefing paper to claim that Britain has no legal obligations to pay the European Union any more money after 2020.

The former Ukip leader was speaking as David Davis and Michel Barnier remained at odds over the amount the UK will pay to leave the bloc. The amount, which is expected to run into the billions, will pay for EU commitments Britain has already signed up for, such as projects and pensions.

But Nigel’s claim has been contested by legal experts, who state that the passage in question is not actually a part of Article 50.

David Allen Green, a law commentator for the FT, revealed the passage in question is from a briefing guide about the Article, in which the full quote has a very different meaning: “The rights and obligations deriving from the Treaties would therefore extinguish, at least to the extent agreed between the EU and the withdrawing state.”

Nigel Farage

On The Nigel Farage Show, the former Ukip leader looked at the clause the the EU’s Lisbon Treaty to claim that after 2020 – the UK will cease to have any legal obligations with Brussels.

Holding a paragraph from an Article 50 Briefing note, the LBC presenter argued that the UK had signed up to a series of spending commitments, but that they only last for another three years.

So, Nigel said: “In Article 50, it makes it clear, ‘the rights and obligations deriving from the treaties would therefore extinguish’. So it’s perfectly clear, the Lisbon Treaty makes it very clear there are no future obligations.”

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