Nitte Student Entrepreneurs’ Summit held – KARNATAKA

“Entrepreneurship is all about passion,” said Sathish Kamath, General Manager, SyndicateBank. He was speaking after inaugurating the Nitte Student Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2017 at the Justice K.S. Hegde Institute of Management at Nitte in Udupi district on Wednesday.

According to a press release here on Thursday, Mr. Kamath said that being entrepreneurial was an essential quality that must be imbibed by everyone. Entrepreneurship could be learned. The government and banks were promoting entrepreneurship, he said.

Anand Kandadai, Executive Vice-President, Clear Trip, Bengaluru, said entrepreneurs were great networkers. They were highly focused and disciplined. Their unerring devotion was worth emulating, he said. “If we are looking for opportunity and prepared to learn from it, entrepreneurship is a reality. Failure is a prerequisite to learning,” he added.

Kishor Jagirdhar, chairman and MD, Infopace Pvt, Ltd, Bengaluru, said entrepreneurial start-ups required mentors. The start-up entrepreneurs were leveraging expertise from their mentors for the sustained growth of their ventures, he said.

N.K. Thingalaya, chairman, Academic Council of the Institute, urged the youth to become self-employed and create wealth for the nation.

K. Sankaran, Director of the Insitute, N.S. Shetty, professor emeritus, A.P. Achar, Dean – Corporate Relations, were present.

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