No nursing jobs in Germany–DoLE

The Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) has warned overseas Filipino workers against a Germany-based illegal recruiter that recruits nurses and other healthcare workers for supposed jobs in that country.

A report submitted to Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello 3rd by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) identified the recruiter as Meine Agentur 24.

On its website and Facebook page, the recruiter lists its address as Leipzig, Germany.

It advertises the need for workers for nursing and other healthcare jobs and offers a qualification course for nursing staff to prepare them for supposed employment in Germany.

But the Philippine Embassy in Berlin reported that the name of Meine Agentur 24 does not appear on the online registry of businesses in Germany.

According to Bello, the POEA also has no record of Meine Agentur 24 in its database of accredited foreign employers.

Meine Agentur 24 charges applicants 5425 Euros supposedly for the cost of studying the German language and for nursing school training.

In addition, applicants have to acquire their own visa and should have 5360 Euros in a bank account to cover the cost of their 20-month stay in Germany, including expenses for food, accommodation, clothing and transportation.

The POEA reminds applicants that the legal ways of landing a nursing job in Germany are either through the Triple Win Project or licensed Philippine recruitment agencies.

Meanwhile, it recently issued guidelines on multiple accreditation of foreign employers and placement agencies that are hiring Filipino workers subject to certain conditions.

Under POEA’s Memorandum Circular N0. 6, s2017, a foreign placement agency is allowed to be accredited with four licensed recruitment agencies, while an employer is to be accredited up to a maximum of five licensed recruitment agencies.

The multiple accreditation, however, shall be allowed subject to certain conditions.

The principal/employer and the recruitment agencies shall adopt a uniform compensation package for the hired workers.

A foreign placement agency hiring household service workers can apply for a second accreditation if it has hired and employed at least 100 HSWs immediately preceding the request for dual accreditation.

For the third accreditation, the foreign placement agency must have deployed at least 200 workers and submit a Certificate of No Pending Case from the POEA’s Adjudication Office.

For the fourth accreditation, the foreign placement agency must have deployed at least 300 workers and only after one year from the third accreditation, and upon submission of a Certificate of No Pending Case.

The foreign principal shall also submit an undertaking that it will comply with all its obligations to other licensed recruitment agencies, including monitoring the status of its hired worker.

Only foreign placement agencies and employers without pending cases and were not previously suspended can apply for multiple accreditation.


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