Nomiya now open on Magazine Street

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  • Nomiya, a new ramen spot on Magazine Street, is now open.

Nomiya (4226 Magazine St.), a restaurant specializing in ramen, is now open in Uptown.

The restaurant took over the former Rivista space a little over a week ago. As is common in Japan, guests were slurping noodles while dining at a small standing-only bar or had squeezed into one of the restaurant’s six two-tops. The restaurant’s opening comes after the spring closure of the neighborhood’s former ramen joint, Noodle & Pie, which closed in May.

Nomiya means dive, or bar, in Japanese, and the restaurant’s casual approach is mirrored in its funky interior, which features brightly colored graffiti-style murals and a soundtrack of mostly ’90s hip-hop.

The opening menu includes a few ramen selections: a creamy tonkotsu version made with a 24-hour pork broth and the spicy pork broth geki-kara. Add-ons are plentiful, and include a seven-minute soy egg, wakame, buttered corn, bamboo shoots, pickled ginger, fish cakes, sliced pork, Japanese pickles and garlic oil. Tables are outfitted with furikake, a seasoning blend that adds an extra umami kick.

For appetizers, there are chilled, crispy edamame that arrived tossed in bright citrusy yuzu and flaky sea salt. Steamed buns are filled with slow-cooked, juicy pork, lettuce leafs and a Japanese mayonnaise. For dessert, there is green tea mochi ice cream.

The restaurant does not have a liquor license, but guests can BYOB.

Nomiya is open 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

For more information, visit the restaurant’s website here.

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