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ISLAMABAD: In its latest notices to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his three children Hussain, Hassan and Maryum and Capt (retd) Muhammad Safdar, the NAB has asked them to appear before the bureau on 22nd August, otherwise it would be construed that they had nothing more to offer in their defence.

As per these notices, copies of which are available with The News, Nawaz Sharif has been “requested” to attend the office of NAB Lahore on 22nd August. According to the notice, Nawaz is required for verification of his statement made before the JIT, documents handed over to the JIT in support of his statement and confrontation with the record/documents already attached with the JIT report or any additional document/evidence/record whatsoever in support of his plea/defence.

The notice warned, “In case of your non-appearance on above mentioned date, it would be construed that you have nothing more to offer in your defence.”

In its earlier notice, sent to Nawaz Sharif, the NAB sought from the former prime minister evidence relating to the “acquisition/establishment of 16 companies including Flagship Investment Limited-UK, and assets/gains acquired or made as the consequences of above said businesses (establishment of real estate empire in UK) which are disproportionate to your (NS) known sources of income.”

Through another notice issued earlier, Nawaz Sharif was asked to share with NAB “evidence which relates to acquisition/setting up of assets titled Al-Azizia Steel Company Jeddah KSA, Hill Metals Establishment, Jeddah KSA by you (NS) in the name of your Dependent/Benamidar (son Hussain Nawaz Sharif) and assets/gains acquired or made as a consequence of the said businesses (gifts/remittances, etc) which are disproportionate to your known sources of income”.

Hussain and Hassan have been asked to produce similar evidence as has been sought from Nawaz Sharif. However, separate questionnaires have also been sent to the two sons of the former prime minister.

Hussain has been asked by the NAB to respond to Q 1. When and how you started your business in KSA and what was your financial strength at that time? 

Q 2. Can you tell about the equity, working capital and other expenditures at the time of establishment of Al Azizia Steel Co and its sources of funding for establishment? Please provide all the financial statements and audited reports of the Al-Azizia Steel Co. yearly?

Q3. As per record, sales of Al-Azizia Steel Co took place in 2005 and you were equal shareholder alongwith two others, how sale proceeds were distributed among the shareholders and if sale proceeds was used by you exclusively then whether it was based on an attorney given in favour of you or otherwise? 

Q4. As per record, Al Azizia was sold in 2005 worth SAR 63 million, please explain how come its value appreciated when the factory was not earning profit?

Q5. Have you ever sent any amount in the form of gift/loan to your brother Hassan? 

Q6. What is the source of establishing HME, its equity and how many loans were taken from Saudi banks and others alongwith documentary proof? Kindly provide all bank statements, financial statements and complete audit reports year wise alongwith its expenditure and present financial strength?

Q7. Who are the directors of HME and what are their shares in the company? 

Q8. As per report of Aldar Audit Firm and SIDF loan agreement, its audit was conducted and in presence of updated software i.e. SAP reports were generated but not shared with the JIT. Please provide the same?

Q9. As per record, HME or you transferred amount equal to Rs 1.1 billion from 2010-2017 to your father as a gift/remittances apart from your sister, which shows that factory was earning huge profits, then what about its loan from different banks and sources? 

Q10. Please explain from which account of HME/yours you transferred gift/remittances to your family in Pakistan? And also explain whether HME is a sole proprietorship or a limited company?

Hasan Nawaz has been asked the following questions by the NAB. Q1. While you were student in UK, as stated, you were subject to the earnings from shareholdings in Pakistani companies. Did you have any other source of funds? 

Q2. What were the sources of funds that were required for establishment of Capital FZE in UAE? And what was the source of funds transferred to Qunit Paddington Limited amounting to 615,000 GBP from Capital FZE?

Q3. Please provide following data/information relating to the Capital FZE and UK companies: a. Audit Accounts, b. Bank accounts alongwith bank statements, c. Real estate properties (freehold and leasehold) owned possessed and managed, d. Tax returns/wealth statements, and e. Details of business and non-business transactions (gifts, remittances) between family members and associates along with jurisdictions and relevant record.

Q4. What is the amount of loan outstanding against you and your companies till date? And how many properties do you own presently? Please provide details along with supporting documents. 

Q5. As per available record your business entities were incurring losses then how you managed to continue inter-corporate loaning? What was the reason for rotation of funds within UK companies? Please provide relevant record.

Q6. Please provide loan record/financial trail covering; a. The purchase/expansion of 1-Hyde park property, b. Funds for flagship investment company, c. Gift amounting to GBP 800,000 to Ms Maryam, d. Tax returns, and e. Also explain and provide record/money trail regarding amount received as sale proceeds of 1-Hyde Park and its ultimate utilization.

Q7. Do you have any other documents that you want to produce in addition to those produced before the Honourable Supreme Court and the JIT?

Maryam Safdar and her husband Capt (R) Safdar were also served separate notices through which the couple have been asked to verify their statements made before the JIT, documents handed over to JIT in support of their statement and confrontation with the record/documents already attached with the JIT report or any other additional documents/evidence/record what so ever in support of their plea/defence.

They have been asked to appear before the NAB authorities in Lahore otherwise it would be construed that they have nothing more to offer in their defence.

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