Northern VCTs Launch Joint Share Offers to Raise Up to £60 Million

Applications under the offer will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, except that existing shareholders in each of the companies will have priority application rights until 13 October 2017.  In previous launches the VCTs have experienced strong demand from investors, and in recognition of this all applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.  

Copies of the information memorandum (including application form) setting out the main features of the share offer can be obtained from the NVM Private Equity website ( or by calling NVM Private Equity on 0191 244 6000.

Offer highlights: 

  • 30% income tax relief available on subscriptions (provided the shares are held for at least five years)
  • Dividends paid by VCTs are tax-free to shareholders
  • All three Northern VCTs already have diversified and mature portfolios, with a high proportion of investments in common
  • The VCTs will invest in a diverse portfolio of early stage companies with high growth potential
  • Experienced manager – NVM Private Equity has been investing in growing unquoted UK companies for 33 years
  • Large and growing investment team based in key locations across the UK
  • Strong deal flow
  • Investors have the option to invest in any one or a combination of the funds

The funds raised will be invested mainly in early-stage unquoted UK companies with high growth potential. The three VCTs aim to provide investors with high long-term tax-free returns, expected to be derived mainly from capital growth in the underlying investment portfolio. As at 30 June 2017, the three VCTs had combined net assets of over £220 million. Over the last 22 years the Northern VCTs have invested almost £380 million in over 220 companies, and NVM is one of the longest established venture capital fund managers backing growing SMEs in the UK.

Tim Levett, Chairman of NVM Private Equity, commented: The Northern VCTs have a marketleading performance record and we at NVM are building on our experience of delivering returns from investing in a wide range of companies and business sectors to assemble a portfolio of companies that we think have exciting growth potential. In order to do this we are expanding our existing investment team to add new technical and market skills, and we are excited about building a diverse portfolio over the next three years.

Since March 2016, NVM’s funds have invested £28 million in 11 early stage VCT qualifying businesses.  In the IT sector NVM has invested in Sorted Group, Rockar, Intelling Group, Contego Fraud Solutions and Volo Commerce, in the social media and video enabled sector NVM has invested in Channel Mum and Knowledgemotion, and has also backed Lending Works which is a peer-to-peer lender, Avid Technology Group which manufactures environmentally friendly components in the automotive sector and Customs Connect Group, who are expert consultants on tariffs.

There have also been six recent profitable exits from the portfolio, with the sales of Kitwave One, Control Risks Group, Silverwing, Arleigh Group, Cawood Scientific and Optilan Group taking place in the same period, delivering combined income and capital proceeds for the VCTs of £31 million.  

In recent years Northern Venture Trust has paid a base annual dividend of 6.0p per share and Northern 2 VCT and Northern 3 VCT have each paid a base annual dividend of 5.5p per share.  As the VCT legislation is now focussed on investment in earlier stage capital growth opportunities, future dividends will be based on returns from the legacy portfolio of later stage deals as well as capital growth from the new portfolio being built, and may therefore fluctuate from year to year.  

In order to provide shareholders with the opportunity to realise value after the initial five year holding period, the Northern VCTs currently have a policy of buying back their shares in the market at a 5% discount to the latest published net asset value, subject to certain conditions.

The share offers are promoted by VCT marketing specialists Downing LLP, who have been working with NVM in this role since 1999.

The key points of the offers: 

  • Closing date: 5 April 2018, unless fully subscribed earlier
  • Offer size: £60 million (£20 million for Northern Venture Trust, £20 million for Northern 2 VCT and £20 million for Northern 3 VCT)
  • Minimum investment: £6,000 (minimum £2,000 in any one fund)
  • Maximum investment: £200,000
  • Annual management fee: 2.06% of net assets (a performance fee may also be payable subject to exceeding a predetermined performance hurdle).  A reduced management fee of 1.0% will be charged on the proceeds of the offer until 30 September 2018
  • Annual running costs: Capped at 2.9% per annum of each fund’s net assets (performance fees excluded from cap)

Notes to editors:  

For further information about the offers please visit NVM’s website  

Northern Venture Trust

Northern 2 VCT

Northern 3 VCT

NVM Private Equity is independently owned with over 30 years’ experience of investing in unquoted UK businesses.  NVM is a generalist investor, managing over £290 million of funds, and is differentiated by having executives living and working in regional business communities throughout the UK.

For further information please contact:  

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