Nothing chicken about this business

Noughty Maluleke has his sights set on achieving great things as an entrepreneur.

Chiawelo-based entrepreneurs, Noughty Maluleke and Caroline Marandela are a force to be reckoned with in the chicken farming industry.

The pair claimed the third spot at the inaugural Engen Pitch and Polish Entrepreneurship competition with their innovative chicken farm, Chicken LE Meat Poultry Farm.

The event was held at the Braamfontein Recreational Center.

Maluleke said, “As a business development coach I knew what I was investing in. “We conducted great market research about this industry and identified a huge gap in the poultry industry.

“We didn’t hesitate to go all out and invest in it. With this farm, we are going to farm chickens-both organic and non-organically supplied livestock and slaughtered stock as well to a large number of consumers in South Africa.”

Maluleke said that many people go into business to make a quick buck and in the end, they give up because they go into business for the wrong reasons.

“They go into business for quick money with no passion and that leads to the business shutting down.”

For the pair, taking the third position at the awards really inspire them and pushes them to go all out and focus on making their business succeed.

Feeding the nation with quality chicken which has been grown locally is the driving force which makes them hungry for success.

“We have a variety of offerings in our business which is strictly in relation to meat which is in demand for our consumers, retailers and other segments of the meat business,” said Marandela.

They provide slaughtered chickens and distribute their product as ready to consume.

Nothing goes to waste in this business as they supply eggs and chicken feet as well.

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