Now in minority on pension board, police and firefighters will turn to trustees who know them well | Dallas City Hall

The police member position will be competitive. Two of the candidates, Senior Cpl. Joe Schutz and retired Sgt. Ken Haben were trustees on the previous board. Retiree Stephen C. Paz, Deputy Chief Scott Walton and Officer Thomas White are also vying for the seat.

Walton, who oversees personnel and has seen the mass exodus of officers because of the pension, said he wants to help. Previously, he said that he, “like a lot of people, thought everything was going extremely well and you had people handling it” until recent years.

The return of Sam Friar, the recently retired former board chairman, will mean at least one board link to the legislative battle over the pension. Friar said the choice wasn’t easy after a difficult year.

“I thought real hard about it,” Friar said. “And I said, ‘You know what, I could probably be some help to the new board.'”

And from the fire side, he said, “Nobody else was crazy enough to do it.”

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