Nuit Blanche will be very cool, says Environment Canada, so bring a sweater – Toronto

Environment Canada says Nuit Blanche is going to be pretty cool on Saturday night in Toronto but the federal agency is not talking about the art.

Ryan Rozinskis, severe weather meteorologist for Environment Canada, said the low will be a cool 5 C. The high is forecast to be 15 C.

Rozinskis said art lovers who plan to go to the all-night contemporary show that shuts down city streets might want to wear some woolen clothes.

“If you’re going to go out for the evening, bring a sweater to keep yourself warm,” he advised on Friday.

“It’s not going to be windy, but it will be cool.”

Rozinskis said the projected temperature is only about two degrees lower than seasonal for this time of year, but it will seem cooler than normal because of the hot early days of fall the city experienced earlier this week, not to mention the relatively warm weather in the past month. 

Artwork from Nuit Blanche’s exhibit ‘Life on Neebageezis; A Luminous Engagement’ features Kitakio’sinnooniks, a theatrical production, by indigenous artist Cherish Violet Blood. (Rezcat Studio, Summer Garcia)

“It’s a high contrast to what we saw last weekend. And it’s definitely different than we we have seen in the last month.”

The cold temperature comes after Toronto suffered through a thunderstorm that brought “pea-sized” hail to the city’s eastern half on Friday afternoon.

It was a cloudy day, with scattered showers in the morning and rain in the later afternoon. 

Wind gusts of up to 60 kilometres per hour were forecast for Friday evening but were expected to subside later.

“A little line of thunderstorms went through,” he said. 

Rozinskis blamed a low pressure system for the weather, saying it was making its way down from Georgian Bay and was heading southeast over Lake Ontario. 

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2017

Red Slam, an indigenous hip hop fusion arts movement in Toronto, will be at Nuit Blanche’s ‘A Monument to the Century of Revolutions’ exhibit. (Zahra Siddiqui)

He said there was no connection between the heat that baked the city earlier this week and the thunderstorm on Friday.

“It’s a transitionary time of year,” he said.

Sunny skies, however, are in the forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Sunday is expected to see a high of 18 C and a low of 10 C and Monday will see a high of 22 C and a low of 14 C.

Water spouts were reported over Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario on Friday afternoon. Water spouts are formed by extreme temperature differences between the water and the air. No damage was reported.

As for Nuit Blanche, this year’s theme is Many Possible Futures.

This year marks the first time that the show will present an event-wide theme, with 35 projects celebrating Toronto’s art community and 55 projects showcasing Canada’s diversity.

Rozinskis said it will be cool and clear with no chance of hail.

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