Ohio State target Jackson Carman elaborates on feud with Kirk Herbstreit, recruitment

Jackson Carman’s feud with Kirk Herbstreit may be in its latter stages at this point, but it certainly isn’t over.

Thursday night, Carman was asked all about his Twitter war with Herbstreit, as well as his thoughts on his recruitment:

“My tweet, originally, was not to bash J.T. Barrett’s play,” Carman said. “It was simply to say, I have a friend in Dwayne Haskins and I’d like to see him play in the game. Nothing dirty toward J.T. What bothered me about [Herbstreit’s] response was that he automatically assumed that I was going to be in Ohio State’s locker room and that me making a comment on Ohio State’s quarterback decisions were going to affect me in the future.

“And, my comment back to him was to say that Ohio State isn’t necessarily the only place in my future. I still have other options to be able to go and it’s wrong for him to assume that so easily.”

Carman ends the video by talking about his love for football and the players that play the game, not necessarily a particular university.

For what it’s worth, according to 247Sports, the No. 1-ranked tackle in his class has a 94 percent chance of choosing the Buckeyes according to its Crystal Ball predictions, despite offers from Clemson, Alabama, USC and Michigan State, among others.

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