Onion: Onion index up 72%

The Agriwatch Agri Commodities Index rose 0.86 per cent to 106.83 during the week ended August 12, 2017 from 105.91 during the previous week, as onion prices surged higher for the second straight week.

The Onion Index gained 72 per cent this week after gaining 65 per cent last week. The base for the Index and all sub-Indices is 2014 (= 100). Gains in onion and pulses were partly offset by declines in cereals, edible oils, oilseeds and rubber prices.

The commodity group sub-Index values and their weekly changes are: Cereals: 105.11 (down 1.34 per cent), Pulses: 126.76 (up 5.39 per cent), Vegetables (Onion & Potato): 94.76 (up 50.71 per cent), Edible Oils: 100.73 (down 1.04 per cent), Oilseeds: 88.67 (down 1.49 per cent), Spices: 104.50 (up 0.56 per cent), Sweeteners: 121.55 (down 0.13 per cent), Fibres: 105.94 (up 0.19 per cent) and Other Nondown Food Articles: 85.14 (down 0.81 per cent).

Further details can be viewed on the ET website and on Agriwatch.com.

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