Paul Roos Sends A Message To The Media

Triple M’s Paul Roos has hit out at Brad Hardie, calling for him to apologise to Ross Lyon and saying reports like his cause the players and coaches to lose trust with the media.

Hardie said on 6PR that Lyon had approached Collingwood to take over as head coach, a report that was strongly denied by the Freo coach.

Roos said on the Sunday Rub that Hardie needs to “take his job seriously” and apologise.

“At what point does Brad Hardie have to apologise to Fremantle and Ross Lyon?” he asked.

“I think it’s disgraceful. He has to come out and apologise and take his job seriously. 

“I like Brad, I played with Brad a number of times, I played against him, I like Brad. But this is a message to all the journalists: if you’re going to make a statement and it’s completely false, at what point do you have to come out and say ‘look, I apologise to Ross Lyon, I got this one wrong, and I apologise to the Fremantle Football Club’.”

Jay Clark said you need a tight filter on reporting stories like these.

“We might go with one out of 10 things that you hear around the traps, you talk to people at clubs,” he said.

“You’ve got to apply a pretty tight filter on that sort of rumour and innuendo, and fair to say Bradley’s potentially got it wrong.”

Roos said Hardie can earn something back if he admits he was incorrect, and that clubs, coaches and players lose trust for the media when this happens.

“I think people respect that more when you come out say, ‘look, Ross spoke to me this morning, told me he was completely incorrect, I apologise, I got this one wrong’. End of story, we move on,” he said.

But because it doesn’t happen like that, then it festers and festers and festers, the relationships break down with footy clubs, with coaches and then the media come out and say why don’t the clubs talk to us? Why don’t the players? Why don’t they trust us?

“I’ll tell you why they don’t trust you, because garbage like that gets written. That’s why.”

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