Pet of the day: Harvey, our bundle of energy


Harvey, just before  a much-needed haircut.


Harvey, just before a much-needed haircut.

Introducing our toy poochon, Harvey.

Our family moved to New Zealand from South Africa 17 years ago, and Mum never wanted a dog. In fact, she made us promise we wouldn’t get one.

Well, after 12 years of living with a furry companion, we got a bichon/maltese called Wollie.

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He was the best thing that ever happened to our family, and of course my Mum fell head over heels for the little guy.

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Wollie was our angel, but unfortunately, at the age of 7 he passed away and broke our hearts.

Catch me if you can, Santa!


Catch me if you can, Santa!

Once again, Mum said we were not allowed another dog – this time it was because she couldn’t go through the same heartache all over again.

The house seemed so empty. No furry friend to greet you when you got home or give you attention when you were feeling down or go on walks with – it just felt so lonely. 

One day I surprised Mum with Harvey.

Need some posing tips? Harvey's got it covered.


Need some posing tips? Harvey’s got it covered.

He is now the second best thing to have happened to our family.

Harvey is so different to Wollie, but he gets spoilt just the same, if not more!

He takes over every room with unconditional love, affection, bundles of energy and has profoundly changed the dynamic of our household.

Someone's happy to be hanging out with his mates.


Someone’s happy to be hanging out with his mates.

He’s so naughty and gets away with murder, but I can’t begin to think of our lives without this little guy. Just look at him!

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