PM squirms after media interrogate him on 450 texts allegedly sent to Todd Barclay staffer he has ‘no record’ of | 1 NEWS NOW

Prime Minister Bill English says he has no record of the 450 text messages he allegedly sent to Todd Barclay’s staffer Glenys Dixon and remained tight-lipped when grilled by journalists over the content of the messages. 

He said the “relevant material” had been given to the police, and they have not yet asked for “anything else”.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr English sent hundreds of text messages to Glenys Dixon, the woman at the centre of the Todd Barclay scandal, during the 12 months before she quit her job, parliament was told last week.

NZ First leader Winston Peters asked Mr English: “Why did you send over 450 text messages to Glenys Dixon, many early in the morning and late at night, in the 12 months before she resigned on February 7, 2016?”

Mr English said to reporters today he is “not particularly concerned” about the content and he has “no record” of the messages, when asked if he had gone back to look over them.  

Mr English maintained he still stands by what he previously said, after claiming he was a bystander in the Todd Barclay alleged secret taping scandal.

“I was in Wellington and this was all happening in Gore.”

Today TVNZ political reporter Katie Bradford asked if the texts had been deleted, Mr English said, “I don’t have a record of them”. 

“I’ve got a different phone.”

He was asked if the messages had been given to the police investigation into Mr Barclay. 

“The relevant material I’ve had was given to the police. The police haven’t come to ask for anything else,” Mr English said. 

“All the comments I can make about it I have made,” he said when asked if the messages were sent from his personal or official phone. 

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