Police scour social media ahead of far-right demonstration in Quebec City

Far-right group La Meute is planning a protest in Quebec City this weekend as tensions rise over asylum seekers and how Quebec is handling the situation.

This is the second protest by the group: In March, they took to the streets of Quebec City to denounce M-103, a motion introduced by a Liberal MP Iqra Khalid condemning islamophobia.

Now, the group is planning to protest against what they’re calling “the scourge of illegal immigration” and the policies of the Couillard and Trudeau governments.

In a Facebook post, the group called the situation “out of control,” claiming the RCMP isn’t getting the resources it needs to ensure the country’s security.

The upcoming protest comes just days after another far-right group draped an anti-immigration banner above a Quebec City highway.

Quebec City police say they’re keeping a close eye on social media activity as they prepare for Sunday’s demonstration.

“We’re looking at social networks, we’re gathering information and then with that and with other things, we are able to establish our needs and the strategies we will employ to properly handle this demonstration,” said Etienne Doyon, spokesperson for the Quebec City police.

For now, La Meute is keeping the location of the protest a secret, saying it won’t be revealed until Saturday for security reasons.

Counter-protesters are also making plans to show up.

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