Policy just got bigger and better – now with women, LGBTQI, tech and fisheries

Following a poll of readers, the tireless team behind the Spinoff Policy tool have added a bunch of extra categories.

Close to 100,000 people have in the last few weeks visited our interactive tool Policy to compare key policies from all major political parties for election 2017.

But are the team behind the thing, led by Asher Emanuel, Ollie Neas and Racheal Reeves, lying back and soaking up the plaudits? Don’t know. Hopefully they are. But they’ve also been busy augmenting and enriching the machine.

Earlier this week, the Blinkers feature was added, letting you explore and tick policies without being able to see which party they belong to. And now, in response to a poll asking which issue you’d like to added, you can find accessible and clear accounts of the parties’ policy positions on Equity (covering policies of particular pertinence to women, the LGBTQI community and people with disabilities), as well as Internet and Technology, and Fisheries.

These join the nutritious store of policy vaults including Economy, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Incomes, Justice, Migration, Te ao Māori, Transport.

A quick word to our sponsors: Policy wouldn’t be here without the very generous support of lead sponsor Chapman Tripp, the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, Grant Thornton, Muffin Break, iwantmyname and InternetNZ.

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