Post-Brexit UK-US trade deal ‘100 per cent certain’ says Donald Trump’s new spokesman Anthony Scaramucci

Mr Scaramucci said the president was “a very straight shooter, he likes to express himself, he likes to let people know how he feels”.

He added: “Part of his nature is that he is a very tough person, by tough I mean it in a good way, he is really trying to use the bully pulpit and the Oval Office and his presidency to execute an agenda on behalf of the American people and this is a very tough town.”

Mr Scaramucci said people dealing with Mr Trump had to have a “tough exoskeleton, be a strong person with a strong backbone”.

On Washington’s political culture he said: “One of the things I cannot stand about this town is the backstabbing that goes on here.

“Where I grew up, in the neighbourhood I’m from, we’re front stabbers. We like to tell you exactly where we’re from and what we’re doing.

“To me, if you can handle the president’s personality, if you can handle his temperament – which I happen to love – then you are going to do great with the president.”

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