Qatar’s investment in second dedicated cargo hub timely

Qatar’s decision to make multi-million dollar investments in a second dedicated cargo hub in Doha will go a long way in securing the supplies of essential items and medicines at a time when an illegal blockade is imposed on the country by some of its neighbours.
The new investment will triple the current cargo handling capacity at the Hamad International Airport’s state-of-the-art facility, one of the biggest in the world.
The facility is home to Qatar Airways Cargo, which is currently the third largest international cargo operator in the world.
By closing Qatar’s land, sea and air corridors, the blockading countries are trying to disrupt the supply of fresh food, medical equipment and medical supplies to the country, but their illegal action has had quite the opposite impact on Qatar Airways’ cargo business to the one intended.
The blockade by neighbouring states has only boosted Qatar Airways’ cargo business, figures reveal. The national airline has seen a 160% increase in its cargo business in June this year compared to the same period in 2016, group chief executive Akbar al-Baker said at a media event at Everett, Washington recently.
Since the blockade began in June, the airline has hauled huge amounts of fresh foods, medical supplies and other affected goods. 
In early June this year, following the illegal blockade on my country, Qatar Airways Cargo immediately jumped into action, airlifting a huge number of unexpected food imports to Qatar. 
“We are growing month-on-month and since 2015, we have been the third largest international cargo operator in the world,” al-Baker said during the delivery of Qatar Airways first 747-8 freighter at the Boeing’s production facility.
“Our sights are set on number one,” al-Baker said.
Qatar is not only investing in a world-class cargo terminal, but also in dedicated modern freighters, which will carry cargo to and from Doha to destinations around the world.
As the world’s third-largest cargo operator, Qatar Airways continues to invest in fleet expansion, with a second 747-8F due to be delivered in November this year.
Qatar Airways Cargo serves some 60 exclusive freighter destinations worldwide through its Doha hub and also delivers freight to more than 150 key business and leisure destinations globally with 200 aircraft. Currently, the Qatar Airways Cargo fleet includes eight Airbus A330 freighters, 12 Boeing 777 freighters and one Boeing 747 freighter.
One of the most sophisticated cargo terminals in the industry; the HIA facility is a platform for the expanding global freight business, enabling Qatar Airways Cargo to provide unified and efficient services to customers and cargo carriers around the world.
Superior facilities and skilled personnel at HIA’s cargo facility in Doha are ensuring expert handling over a wide variety of product categories.
Qatar is making substantial investments at HIA’s cargo facility with premium facilities to ensure all cargo deliveries are processed efficiently and seamlessly.
Clearly, Qatar Airways cargo handling facility has set new standards of service and quality throughout the world.

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