Questions For Ivanka’s Fund For Women Entrepreneurs

Just as important, while the new fund might represent two steps forward, it could easily mean three steps back for women if other programs, such as family planning, are cut in the meantime. A well-designed approach to empower women must recognize that positive economic outcomes for women are deeply tied to improved health and education, decreased gender-based violence, and increased autonomy over their own lives. With President Trump’s proposed 30%-plus cut to USAID, the elimination of the budget for the State Department’s Office of Global Women’s Issues, and the reinstitution of the global gag rule which effectively limits the availability of contraception in the developing world, it’s difficult to understand how this new fund is part of a coherent strategy to advance women’s empowerment. In fact, just days after the G20 announcement, Melinda Gates and other leaders met at the Family Planning Summit in London and expressed deep concern over the planned cuts.

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