Rag picker finds Rs16 lakh in demonetised currency

Hyderabad: On Thursday, at around 10 am, while collecting waste near the Vajpayee Nagar railway gate in Neredmet, a 58-year-old rag picker came across a heavy white opaque plastic bag containing Rs 16 lakh in demonetised currency notes. 

Startled by the sudden discovery and fearful of its likely consequences, the rag picker Chanda Gangubai, the wife of late Chanda Singh, approached the cops and handed over the plastic bag to them. Gangubai, a resident of Vajpayee Nagar herself, usually collects wastes from the area to make a living. “The currency notes were found in a white plastic bag and were in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations of banned currency notes. They were old notes and not newly printed,” said SI Srinivas Rao of Neredmet. Although there are no CCTV cameras in that area police officials are enquiring with locals for clues regarding the bag owner. 

“There is a CCTV camera near the rail track but it does not cover the area where the stash was found. We are checking if anything suspicious was seen by anyone,” added the SI.

Police booked a case under Section 102 (Power of police officer to seize certain property) of CrPC and Section 7 of the Cessation of Liabilities Act and launched an investigation. 

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