Rebel Wilson battled with retailers to stock her skintight plus-size clothes

26th Jul 17 | Fashion

The Bridesmaids star believes all bodies should be celebrated.

Actress Rebel Wilson fought hard to convince retail bosses to sell form-fitting outfits to plus-size women.

When the Pitch Perfect actress was first pitching her Rebel Wilson X Angels clothing line, many retain store executives objected to offering skintight bodycon dresses to curvy female customers.

“At first, the stores were like, ‘I don’t know if the plus-size girls would wear this, (instead) we still want some of the bigger stuff that kinda hides things,'” Rebel tells USA Today. “To me, I wear a lot of bodycon stuff. I’m like, ‘I think they will (wear the tighter clothes) and I think they’re really gonna like it’.”

Retail chiefs eventually agreed with the Bridesmaids star and she is currently celebrating the release of her items in high-end U.S. department store Nordstrom.

“We have some stuff (in the line) that’s not bodycon, but then I’m trying to infuse a lot more bodycon stuff in there, because I think women should be confident, whatever their size,” the 37-year-old shares. “They shouldn’t want to hide parts of them.”

“I like celebrating people’s figures,” she adds.

The Rebel Wilson X Angels line offers women’s clothing in American sizes ranging from 14 to 24. There are several styles on offer at affordable prices, with T-shirts selling for $49 (38), a fitted lace-up shoulder top priced at $69 (£53) and jackets, including motorcycle and bomber looks, going for up to $129 (£99).

“I love a lot of the jackets,” she gushes. “Coming down the track we have a double-sided sequin jacket that you can brush them one way and they look a certain way and you can brush them another way.”

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