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This course has 7 weekly installments that students can take at their leisure.  Each installment is two-five hours in length, jammed with information that helps understand how to identify, attract, and retain high achievers.  Titled, “The Proactive Pipeline”, this comprehensive program embodies strategies cultivated from over ten years of recruitment agency experience.   Startups and high growth companies are given the tools to recruit for pivotal roles such as sales, marketing, administration, operations, and HR. 

Members will learn:

  • A step by step strategy to create a recruitment process that attracts high achieving candidates
  • How to conquer candidates “what’s in it for ME” mentality
  • How to entice a candidate by selling the company, career and leadership team
  • How to spot the frauds through performance/personality/psychology oriented conversations
  • The structure of a powerful interview
  • The top 10 hiring and recruitment secrets top organizations implement

To be eligible, applicants must qualify as an ECHO: Entrepreneur/CEO/Hustler/Current Owner (in lieu of valuable trade secrets being disclosed, the course is closed to those in the recruitment industry).  Due to overwhelming demand, there is limited availability to attend this online course. The discounted registration is only available for the first 500 applicants. 

“Solid employees are the basis for a strong business foundation. Before I took this course, I didn’t realize how easy it was to actually recruit and have results!  Thanks to the team at Landmark Markers and the Proactive Pipeline, we’ve seen our turnover ratio go from 33% to 6%.  We don’t need to rely on recruitment agencies anymore and that has saved us tens of thousands of dollars this year alone,” says a San Diego CEO.

“When you can get to know the being behind the human, you facilitate a match that isn’t based on a machine-like approach,” states CEO and best-selling author Klyn Elsbury.  “As a result, our clients have fewer turnovers, increased employee engagement and more power to scale their organization.”

For those who are interested/eligible, you can claim your virtual seat by E-Mailing  with the subject line: Interest in Online Course. 


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