Recruitment in prison: the letter of Daech was only a joke |

The inmate who filed the letter had an envelope in his possession (illustration).

REUTERS/Eric Vidal

An investigation was opened in early September, after that an e-mail making the apology of Daech was found in front of the cell of an inmate. The author is a prisoner teasingly.

The prison service belgium were alarmed, early in September, a potential new technique of approach to prisoners by supporters of Daech in the prisons. An inmate of Saint-Gilles, a prison of the city of brussels, had discovered a letter slipped under the door of his cell.

The letter, cited by a number of belgian media, proposed to him to join the ranks of the terrorist group islamic State against the promise of”a piece of land”. She was “accompanied by a guide to enter Syria”. Pandemonium within the prison service, which stops immediately the public prosecutor of belgium. According to Kathleen Van De Vijver, the spokesman for the belgian prisons administration, the inmate recipient of the mail is not known for acts of terrorism. An investigation has been opened to determine who was the author of the missive. And the answer is pretty unexpected.

The letter had not been sent from the outside

“After investigation, the relevant departments have concluded that this was purely a joke,” said Thursday the minister of Justice, Koen Geens, in front of the Parliament, in response to a question from a member of parliament.

He recalled that the outgoing mail in prison could be controlled at its arrival, but that in this instance, this letter had not been sent from the outside. The author has used “an envelope already in its possession in order to insert the letter of recruitment”, he explained.

“So it was physically impossible for the prison to know the contents of this letter before it is revealed by the inmate in question, because it circulated only among the inmates,” he said. The behavior of the recipient of the letter, “there is no problem and it was not the subject of indications for individualized requiring in-depth monitoring, at least at the time of the receipt of the letter,” he concluded.


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