Reinstating commodity boards in Nigeria

When Nigeria was doing well as a country, many agricultural boards were constituted. There was the Nigerian Cocoa Board for exportation of some of our agricultural commodities like cocoa, coffee, palm products, kola nuts, cashew and groundnuts to mention a few. It was by some people’s low mental policy that such were scrapped.  That time, our foreign exchange was perfect to what it is today. If any Nigerian wants to import any commodity from oversea, it will not be on naira payments but their own hard currency by letter of credits. In our own case, we very much indulged in importation than exportation which can stabilize our foreign exchange as it was in the 60s. Why has it gone too high? Bad policies affect all that we do or refuse to do. It affects transportation, education, health and even our law enforcement.

We must do all in our power to re-establish the commodity boards. This is very essential. It would guarantee our growth and ensure that we sustain our growth rate.

The All progressives Congress stated as its major manifesto that it would ensure that we have change in all aspects of our national life. We must be seen to be doing this. Change is important if we must grow as a nation as a people. Our economy depends on this. Our health sector depends on this. Our education depends on this. Our sports sector depends on this. All that we do or plan to do depends on this. We must fight to ensure that this is realized. We must establish the commodity board.

Niyi Alao, Osun State

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