NEW ORLEANS – Local residents are exploring the idea of possibly limiting the increase of national chain stores and restaurants on Magazine Street, according to a report by the Uptown Messenger.

As Chipotle, a chain burrito restaurant, is replacing a RadioShack, another national chain retail store, in the 2800 block of Magazine Street, members of the Coliseum Square Association discussed a possible land-use regulation for the street that would limit these types of businesses from coming.  

“No one comes to New Orleans to see Veterans Avenue,” Coliseum Square Association member Frank Cole told the Messenger. “I don’t want to see an Arby’s on Magazine Street.”

Rather residents like Julie Simpson, president of the association, said stores or restaurants that promote local businesses could replace those national chains.

“A lot of the other neighborhoods are worried about Magazine Street losing the thing that makes Magazine Street special,” Simpson said.

Others like Catherine Love, the association’s vice president and candidate for City Council, said she would prefer helping local businesses compete with the national chains rather than limiting their arrival.

While the topic drew different opinions from residents, the report points out that chain businesses could cause economic harm to the city by sending their money out of state rather than hiring local businesses for services they require, such as accounting.  

“The local business owner is spending money in the community, paying people in the community and circulating money through the community,” Meredith Cherney, of Stay Local, said.

The Coliseum Square Association did not take any official action on the topic, however members suggested forming a committee to continue to pursue the idea with other neighborhood groups.

Read the full report here. 

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