Residents in Johnson County using social media to stop burglaries – Local News

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WTHR) – People in several Johnson County housing divisions are warning each other on the app Next Door.

They are trying to spread the word about a second-day of overnight car and truck burglaries.

The suspects hit the Hunter’s Pointe subdivision twice this week and targeted a couple of other nearby neighborhoods.

The victims hope by talking about it on social media the suspects can be brought to justice, especially since one of the victims got hit twice.

Stephanie Vanover said, “The first time they messed around in my car I know they got in the driver’s door.”

Vanover showed Eyewitness News how she found her car after getting it ransacked by burglars.

“Probably about 2:15 my car was broken into, the doors were unlocked, somebody made their way into my car and stole a knife and stole some old keys and kind of ransacking my car,” said Stephanie Vanover.

After the first car burglary, Vanover found some of her personal belonging scattered on the driver’s side. In the second break-in, her next door neighbor found the passenger door wide open the next morning.

She has had motion lights installed around the house to help deter the thieves from coming back a third time.

Despite being targeted twice now, Vanover has lost little sleep.

“I am not worried at all. I am a registered gun owner.” said Stephanie Vanover.

The Vanovers had already scheduled having an alarm system installed and decided to include security cameras.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputies took reports from victims like her in several adjoining subdivisions.

Sheriffs Doug Cox hopes publicity about the break-ins results in people being more alert, locking their doors and reporting suspicious people or activity.

“You feel completely vulnerable and fearful”, said Julie Harrison.

Julie Harrison is convinced it the same thieves her boyfriend spotted outside their home. They found their truck ransacked and personal belongings gone. The truck was parked in their drive way outside their home in a cul de sac. After realizing someone broke in somewhere around 2:30am Julie’s boyfriend drove the neighborhood to see if he could find the anyone suspicious.

“He drove around and told me to make sure I locked the doors. He saw a couple of guys one street over and he called out to them and they took off running”, said Harrison.

They hope the suspects who took off are gone for good. Especially since the victims are sharing news about the car break-ins on the app next door.

During their investigation, police recovered some of the stolen property. They are also investigating if an SUV found near Hunter’s Pointe, possibly stolen, is connected to the crime spree.

If you have any information that could help in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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