Retired BSF jawans allege being ignored in pension, perks

An association of retired Border Security Force officers today alleged that BSF retirees were “ignored” in terms of pension and welfare measures compared to other armed force personnel.

A BSF jawan is working as the front line defence of the country in severe conditions on 24×365 days basis till his retirement but he does not get the same benefits as those of army men, state-based the Retired BSF Officers’ Association alleged in a release.

“We retirees are ignored in terms of proper pension, perks and privileges, medical facility and other welfare measure in comparison with other armed forces which we feel a very sad state of affair,” it said.

It was surprising to see that the army retiree is given One Rank One Pension whereas it is deprived to a BSF retiree, the release said.

They wanted the Centre government to address their plight and make an effective intervention to set things right, the release added.

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