Revealed: How much a three bedroom semi-detached house is in each of these counties

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The cost of a semi-detached three bedroom home here has risen by around €24,000 in the last six months, a new report has revealed.

Buyers will have to fork out an average of €251,5000 for a new home nationally as mix-adjusted prices on new property have jumped by 5pc in just three months.

The study by found that Co Longford is now the cheapest place to buy a three-bed semi-detached house, at around €70,000.

Homes in Roscommon, Leitrim and Donegal will also set you back less than €100k.

Unsurprisingly, Dublin is still the dearest place to buy a home in the country, with a three bed semi-detached house costing almost €300,000.

Sligo was the only county in Ireland to see a drop in house prices in the last three months, a 5pc fall to €122,500.

On the other side of the coin, Kilkenny experienced the sharpest rate of inflation throughout the last three months as the average price rose by 10pc to €165,000.

The report’s author Conall MacCoille is attributing the ‘Help-To-Buy’ scheme as having a noticeable impact on inflation in the housing market.

“Did ‘Help-to-Buy’ contribute to house price inflation? What evidence there is suggests it did, as the price of newly built homes is rising much faster than existing dwellings,” Mr. MacCoille said.

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“The 1,679 ‘Help-to-Buy’ claims approved to date have cost €24.5m. This means that the average ‘Help-to-Buy’ cash rebate has equalled €15,000, or 5% of a €300K newly built home.

“Given the 7,275 applications received so far, the initial estimate that the scheme would cost €50m may now seem conservative.”

Here’s how much you’ll need to pay for a three bed semi-detached house in each county:


Galway:  €200,000 (+1.01pc)

Mayo: €129,250 (+3.4pc)

Leitrim: €85,000 (unchanged)

Sligo: €122,500 (-5.04pc)

Roscommon: €75,000 (unchanged)


Carlow: €135,000 (+3.85pc)

Dublin: €295,000 (+1.72pc)

Kildare: €200,000 (+0.38pc)

Kilkenny: €165,000 (+10pc)

Laois: €130,000 (unchanged)

Longford: €70,000 (unchanged)

Louth: €185,000 (+5.71pc)

Meath: €199,000 (+2.05pc)

Offaly: €130,000 (+2.36pc)

Westmeath: €139,000 (+2.36pc)

Wexford: €155,000 (+4.03pc)

Wicklow: €285,000 (unchanged)


Clare: €143,750 (+0.83pc)

Cork: €220,000 (+4.76pc)

Kerry: €140,000 (+3.7pc)

Limerick: €159,500 (+2.9pc)

Tipperary: €135,000 (+1.89pc)

Waterford: €150,000 (+0.33pc)


Cavan: €125,000 (unchanged)

Donegal: €95,000 (unchanged)

Monaghan: €142,500 (+5.56pc)

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