Rhett Matheney wins against very best benchrest shooters in USA!

Rhett Matheney, of McCon­nels­ville, competed with the top 26 qualifiers in the country when he won the American Rimfire As­sociation’s (ARA) Bases Load­ed 2017 Championship, in Cedar­town, GA. Matheney out shot the very best in .22 Rimfire Bench­rest Shooting our nation has to offer.

“Every top shooter in the nation (except four) was in Cedartown,” explained Math­eney. “I led from the first card through the sixth card and held off the hottest ARA shooters in the USA! I have had a great year and have won seven tournaments. Two of the matches were big wins – the IR 50/50, in VA, and the Bases Loaded Champ­ion­ship, in GA. I have traveled all over the U.S., and this is the first year I missed the nationals, in St. Louis, because my dad is sick. I have shot in Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, West Virginia, Missouri, and dabble in places like Webster, Fresno, Mineral Wells, and Lancaster, in Ohio.”

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You need an online service to view this article in its entirety.

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