Riyada receives 391 applications for Entrepreneurship Award – Oman

Once this is completed, the assessors will then organise site visits and hold interviews, to further evaluate the participants, stated a press release. The assessment phase is a rigorous procedure. The first step of the assessment phase is categorising participants according to specific criteria.

These criteria include, compliance with conditions of participation, achieving the qualifying degree for this phase, choosing three assessors for each business, as the average of each will be counted. “For the third edition of the Entrepreneurship Award, the registration and assessment are done electronically. The award is fully dependent on registration and electronic assessment,” said Badriya al Hinai, project manager of the award.

“To make these procedures more accurate and efficient, a new website and system have been launched. “Progression can be tracked through the new system and direct screening can also be done. Due to this new system, the award’s team can easily contact the applicants.”

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