Rohingya refugees face swindle in currency exchange

Rohingya refugees have reportedly been facing serious devaluation of their currency by some unscrupulous Bangladeshi people while exchanging kyat (Myanmar’s currency) with the Bangladeshi taka.

They are also being overcharged for the boat rides along the Naf River towards the Bangladeshi coast.

So, after arriving in Bangladesh, these people, who were not financial solvent even in their own land, have been facing extreme financial crisis.

A refugee, hailing from Myanmar’s Mongdu province, Farid Mia, 45 told the Dhaka Tribune that they are being duped while exchanging their local currencies against Bangladeshi Taka.

Previously, one had to spend 15,000 kyat in order to realise Tk1,000 whereas now we are being charged 33,000 kyat for the same amount money.

Farid Mia, along with 70 other people from his village, fled to Bangladesh by crossing the Naf river and each two of them were charged 15,000 kyat for the boat ride.

“We have already spent all of our savings. We are left with nothing,” said Farid Mia.

However, according to the exchange rate of Bangladesh Bank, Tk1000 is equivalent to 16,600 Kyat.

According to the latest estimate, nearly 123,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since the latest eruption of violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state in August.

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