Roommates Play IRL Game of ‘The Floor is Lava’ in RocketJump’s Latest Video

Lessons we were taught as kids haven’t always turned out to be accurate. For example, the ol’ “You can’t use a calculator in real life!” isn’t true, and we know “Circle, circle, Dot, dot, Now you’ve got the cootie shot!” isn’t sound medical advice at all. Still, we hold out hope that at least one of the things we learned as children may someday pay off. Like, for instance, the hours of rigorous “the floor is lava” training most kids go through.

This recent video by our pals over at RocketJump posits a world most of us prepared for in our youth–a world where the floor is inexplicably covered in deadly lava. It’s easy to think we’d all make it out of the scenario in one, mostly un-singed piece but when was the last time you ran the drill? Would you be able to nimbly navigate through your home should a volcano surprisingly deposit its fiery payload into your living room? Is your furniture sturdy enough to handle it?

The video shows three adult roommates dealing with the unforgiving force of their apartment filling with the menacing magma; they have little else to do but find higher ground. The effects are quite impressive. We really hope RocketJump releases a behind the scenes video, if only to see how much of that apartment had to be draped with green screen sheets.

What do you think about the video? Have you played “the floor is lava” recently? Let’s discuss your survival tactics in the comments below!

Featured Image: RocketJump

Enjoy more laughs!

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