Russell Westbrook hints extension is inevitable at Media Day 2017

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – SEPTEMBER 25: Russell Westbrook

As Russell Westbrook hit the podium to address the media throng certainly there were three questions at the top of everyone’s list.

Thunder Nation is keen for Russell Westbrook to sign his extension (this pundit is on record as saying she won’t be surprised if it happens just prior to season start). The other pressing questions revolve around his health (PRP injection) and his thoughts on the new Big Three in OKC.  Also, of note is whether Westbrook thinks Sam Presti is done tinkering of if another star may be set to join the triad.

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Elephant in the room (extension):

“Man it’s been a long, long summer. Had a baby. So, been working on a little fatherhood. But like I said, this is a place I want to be.” “I love being here, I’m excited about the season, obviously with a lot of new changes. And, I’m excited – from that I”m going to leave it there.”

Major talent additions:

Amazing man, to be able to play with those two guys and the rest of the guys we have.  I’m looking forward to it and making a great run, I’m excited.

On what he may have done to help bring Melo to Thunder:

We were always good friends, we always communicated prior to this. We talked about basketball and hung out and just being friends and the same thing with PG.

Thoughts on loss of Kanter:

Calls Kanter an amazing guy and he was thankful he spent time with Thunder. Westbrook says Kanter was a great community guy, team guy. Brought amazing flavor to the locker room.

Does Team USA, Olympics help with new Big 3:

Definitely the time spent with Team USA helps, because the guys were all used to sacrificing. He believes that part is easy. Particularly because they will all do what is necessary to obtain their primary goal which is to win a championship.

How will he specifically enhance Melo?

It’s a part of his job as a point guard to make the other players jobs easy. He expects to do that for all his teammates and plans on making Carmelo’s transition easy.

Asked again about the extension and what the hold up is:

Westbrook again refers to being at home (in LA) and traveling a lot. Just trying to get my family together, having a new son can be a little difficult. He’s been trying to help his wife as much as possible enjoying the time and embracing the moments. This because in season he’ll be travelling a lot.

‘Like I told you guys last year, this is the place I want to be, I love being here. I love the fans, I love the people here.  I’m back now to get a chance to simmer down and get everything situated. And obviously now with a few changes, I’m good, I like where I’m at and I like where our team is.’

This statement by Russell Westbrook certainly seems to indicate positives in terms of him signing the extension. In comparison, it’s much like how DeMar DeRozan spoke in Toronto, so it does feel like Westbrook is just doing him – which is to march to his own drum.


Michael Jordan Brand Signing Extension:

Westbrook called the extension easy saying he’s happy to be part of MJ brand for next 10 years

Health of knee (timing):

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I’m great, it’s something I do every summer. I was so busy I had to move back the timing of when I got it completed. Westbrook noted family is the most important thing to me, I’m fine though.  His initial comment on something he does every summer confused the assembled throng so they revisited the question inquiring if this was his first PRP injection. Russ clarified saying it was. Perhaps his first comment meant he makes sure to get check ups and all indications are everything is fine.

Thoughts on job Sam Presti did to add George and Anthony:

He’s done an amazing job ever since I’ve been here. Westbrook notes Sam has always done that since he’s been with the organization. He’s thankful to have somebody like Presti in charge.

Westbrook the fashion maven:

A reporter queried how it felt to go from being Russell Westbrook the basketball player for the last nine-ten years to suddenly being Russell Westbrook the fashion maven, the fashion icon for the past month. Sending laughter through the room Westbrook quickly quipped “The month– where you been?”.  He added, I wouldn’t say it just started a month ago. I’m happy and excited to expand my brand all over the place.

Parting thoughts:

Overall, the main takeaway from Russell Westbrook was he’s excited, happy with the team and the city. Plus reading between the lines, all indications point to that pen hitting a paper very soon.

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