Ryanair embarks on a recruiting blitz, hoping to hire 125 pilots over the next two weeks – TheLiberal.ie – Our News, Your Views

Embattled airline Ryanair has announced plans to launch a recruitment drive, hoping to hire as many as 125 pilots in as short as two weeks.

Ryanair has got itself into a fine mess over the sudden cancellation of up to 50 flights a day between now and the end of October, due to mismanagement of the pilots’ holiday rosters. The cancellations have disrupted the travel plans of up to 350,000 people, and sparked a huge backlash against the company.

The airline’s offer of up to 12,000 euro for pilots to give up some of their holiday entitlement has reportedly been refused, leaving the company in a very precarious position indeed, as it struggles to find pilots to fly their scheduled flights.

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